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   Chapter 9 Varro isn't the one..

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Two weeks later..

"He likes slapping my butt, really hard. Out of nowhere he strikes, it's getting really annoying." Nadia said with a frown on her face.

I turned her face to the side to add some highlight, we were filming another video for YouTube and she was my model. We would talk about anything and everything, which made me happy that she actually trusts me.

"He likes to tap that ass." I stated while laughing.

"No shit, you don't say." She remarks while rolling her eyes. "On my side sis, you're suppose to warn me, not encourage."

I held her chin in place, looking at the makeup I applied on her. "You look beautiful, but more highlight wouldn't hurt."

"You want me to glow in the dark huh?"

We both laughed unitedly.

I pulled her in for a hug which she returned back happily.

"He likes you Nadia, despite the fact our so called father destroyed his life. And something tells me that you like him too. Which is OK, but you come to me if he ever forces himself on you. That I won't have, I love you and won't let anyone harm you. That's my promise to you." I whispered softly.

"I know" she replied back as she pulled away from our sisterly embrace. "When are you going to see your mother?" She asked while looking in the mirror.

"Amanrio is bringing her here, Leo doesn't want me to go over to Alessandro's house."

"Yea, poor Amanrio. He was devastated when he found out that you weren't his sister." She stated as she looked back at me.

"He was even more hurt when he found out what his father did to Alexia." I said, remembering that day.

He was anger and hurt, didn't want to believe anything that Leo and Federo said to him that day. He wanted proof and got it, he saw the tape Leo had privately. Came out the room in shame while apologizing to both brothers.

"I can't believe he did that to a innocent child. What kind of man is he?" He said full of hurt and sorrow.

Thankfully, the brother's liked Amanrio. He was a man of honor, even though he wasn't my real brother. I still loved him.

"This means I'm not your bella anymore huh?" I told him.

"You'll always be my bella, blood or not. You're my sister and I will love you no matter what."

Hugging him tightly, I felt happy he felt that way about me. I was glad he thought of me as a sister. But was scared of what he would do once he sees his father.

"Promise me you won't tell him about what you heard. I want to know from mother what happened to her while being captive all those years. Will you help me?" I asked Amanrio.

"Of course I will, I'll go over and tell your mother you wish to see her. Bring her here so you can questioning her."

After that day, I started to think about what to ask her. And if she was going to tell me the truth or not?

"When is she coming?" Nadia asked, placing her hand over mine.

"I think today or tomorrow. We'll have to wait and see."

A knock on the door caused us both to look at who was standing there.

Alma rubbed both her hands together in a nervously way while staring at the both of us with a sad smile. "Your mother is here and Leo is yelling at her."

I stood up quickly, my heart pondering out my chest. Nadia was already out the room, I ran out after her.




"LEO!" I shouted out loud while looking down at them from the top staircase.

Nadia walked down ahead of me and I followed her down the steps.

Reaching them in no time, I stood before Leo who was raging out of control. My eyes drifted towards Federo who was standing against the wall, listening carefully at what mother was about to say.

"Can you leave us alone so we can talk in private?" I asked him, placing my hands on his chest.

He looked down at me, shaking his head.

"No amore, I want to hear the truth. We all know you're his daughter, I want to know how? I want to hear it from her." Leo said as he pointed at mother.

Looking back at her, the expression on her face seemed confused, lost. Her eyes landed on me, "come back home sweetheart, I'll keep you safe-"

"SHE'S NOT LEAVING!" Leo yelled out.

Holding him back, I spoke. "I'll come" I paused as Nadia and Alma gasped in shock. "Only if you tell me who my real father is?"

"Alessandro is, who else could it be?" She stated nervously.

I decided to make up a lie.

"Then why does Salvatore Varro claims to be my father?"

Her expression changed, the scarf she was holding onto fell from her hands. Tears filled her eyes quickly, falling to her knees. She cried out in pain, "Don't..believe..him."

"Please don't lie to me, I want to know the truth." I whispered while crying. "I can't take it anymore, just tell me the truth. I deserve to know."

Victoria went and help her up, walking her into the living room that filled up with people very quickly. Her cries were becoming more louder, the pain inside my heart ached as I watched her tears fall down her cheeks.

Giving her a couple of minutes to calm down, she began to speak.

"Long ago, my father made a deal with the Varro's that I was to marry Salvatore. I was still young and didn't know what was going on. I had heard stories about the Varro family, how they were heartless people who didn't know how to care or love. But I had seen Salvatore before and didn't care, I thought I was going to make him fall in love with me." She laughed bitterly.

"As time went by, I got to spent more time with him. It was hard at first, but I fell for his cruel ways. He was hot and cold with his feelings, causing my mind to go crazy. Where

edero." Nuli laughing. Sliding a knife towards her mother.

Anastasia grabbed it quickly, getting up on her feet while holding the knife up. With some skillful moves, she charged at me. But I was quicker than her, I knocked her down and took the knife away.

Footsteps came rushing down the stairs. It was Armanio, he stared at me. Then down at Anastasia. Pulling out his gun, he pointed towards her. But all that changed when the gun was pointing at me.

"Ahh Federo, you couldn't let her go home huh. You had to know the truth, now look at what you've gotten yourself into." He laughed, grabbing the keys that were hung on the wall.

He threw them to Anastasia, she unlocked the ceil door. Pulling out Nuli who was smiling from ear to ear. "Did you bring men with you mother?"

"Yes, there outside waiting for my signal. Are you hurt? God I can't wait until your father kills them all." Anastasia said.

I was cornered, "So you were in on this the whole time Amanrio? Impressive my friend."

"The war has begun Federo, we win. Now we get to kill you all. You, your family. Salvatore, his daughters. Soon, all this will be over." He walked up, clicking the gun trigger back. "But your death will be slow and painful." He chuckled, pointing the gun into my chest.

They played their cards right, but I played mine even better. Pulling out my phone, I clicked the send button. Armanio laughed at my actions, but I'll be the one laughing at the end.

"No one will know you've even dead."

"We'll just have to wait and see my friend."

He pushed me ahead of him, I walked as calm as I could up the stairs while they followed me.

Reaching the empty upper floor, I waited for Leo's men to come out. We were already at the front doorway when a gunshot was fired in the air. Turning around quickly, I punched Armanio in the face, causing him to fall back to the ground.

Marin grabbed Nuli, Adamo grabbed Anastasia. While Leo hovered over Amanrio, send a kick to his chest.

"How the fuck did you know Federo, How?" Leo asked, giving Amanrio another kick on his chest.

Kneeling down, I stared at Armanio dead in the eye. "All thanks to my friend and his late night calls to dear father. I must admit, your plan would have worked if I didn't overhear you talk to your father. At first, I thought it was a normal conversation. But when you went down to give Nuli food and water. That's when I knew something was fishy."



"How does it feel?" I asked, looking down at his old self.

"I will kill you Alessandro, for the years my daughter have suffered. I will make it my top priority to kill you with my bare hands. You'll make a mistake, I'm just waiting for that one chance." He said.

"You've been my captive for all these years. No one will suspect that it was me, everyone thinks that you're behind this war. I played my cards right, I know where your daughters are. I had one in my arms, now I will have the both of them. First, I'll kill the Datne family. Then, I'll torture your beloved girls while you watch me. Did you know that I sent one of your girls to Leo? He raped her, made her go crazy. I was waiting for her to kill herself, but she didn't. To bad, now I will do it for her. It was a pleasure making her life a living hell, now it's time for Nadia. You know, the daughter you manage to save. She's now here, Ahh my friend. Your daughters have grown so big and beautiful. Just like their mother, to bad I killed her before she had the chance to see them. Tell me, do you think, after all these years. That you'll escape me, that I won't punish you for what you did to my wife and daughter?"

"There's always a flaw in your plan Alessandro. I only took your wife hostage after you killed my wife. Your plan will backfire, remember that. After all, I am a Varrao. I will kill you once I get the chance."

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