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   Chapter 8 Leave me

Loved by Federo By MarillaGarden Characters: 12575

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"Where? You're just going to abandon me? I didn't do anything wrong." Nadia cried out.

She was taking a hold of my feelings, I never had those, why with her?

"Don't cry, please. I'm not going to let go."

Not ever baby girl.

"Rachel's words just did something to my heart, I know I was the one who caused the damage. But it was never my intention to hurt anyone. I'm trying to protect my family from your father, enough is enough baby girl. I know she's hurting inside, but they love each other. A rose with lost pedals is still a rose no matter what, it still holds it beauty. Leo is holding onto the thorns of that rose he calls Rachel. Bleeding while admiring her, if he wanted to, he would have thrown that rose away. But he's trying, and all I want to do is help. He's my brother, he did wrong, he's knows that. I know he can never forgive himself. But still, all human do wrong in life, it's how you turn around to be the better person for the one you love that counts."

I said what I needed to say, "Do you even understand Nadia?"

"I do, I'm not stupid just because I'm young. He's hurt, she's hurt. What's the solution old frat? Let them heal or bring two burning hearts together that are in pain and watch their flame run out? Should we sit and do nothing? I don't know why I feel like I need to protect Rachel, I feel like I know her. And I want to help her so badly, just as you want to help Leo." She confessed while running her hand through her hair.

"You can help by supporting her, guiding her-"

"You won't let me, she needs time. I know she loves him, but you can't expect her to forget what he did to her easily."



This man was impossible, he only cared about his brother. What about Rachel's feelings? Why doesn't he think of her?

"You like to run your mouth a lot, I could put it to work if that's what you want baby girl." He stated while folding his arms across his chest.

It took me a minute to understand, and when I did, my eyes widen.

"Wouldn't take long, it is a small lollipop after all." I replied back, causing him to lift his eyebrow in questioning.

"That's what you think, you wanna see?"

Ugh...cocky much.

"No thanks, I'm dick lactose intolerant. I prefer girls."

His mouth hung open at what I said.

Take that old frat, one point Nadia, zero points Federo. Haha.

"Well then" he whispered, coming closer to me. Standing before me, his eyes roamed over my face. "I'll make it my mission to change your mind baby girl. Maybe later, we can..." he paused, taking his fingers, running them gentle across my chest. "Have a one on one session in physical ad, I'm sure I can teach you a thing or two. Maybe run my tongue against your pùssy-"

I backed away from him, the atmosphere was getting hot around me. The old frat knew what he was doing, he could sense my fear and arousal.

A smirk plastered on his lips, he came closer to me. My breathing was going hectic as he pressed his body against mine.

Weren't we talking about Leo and Rachel? How the hell did we end up talking about this stuff?

"Don't worry baby girl, the only time I'll have you screaming will be you, beneath me. You legs wrapped around my waist as I plunge into you tight sweet pùs-"

"Ok, enough." I yelled, pushing him away from me. "You're not getting me that easily old frat, bring you A game cause I'll be damn if I'll ever be a one time fling."

With that said, I walked past him. Leaving him all alone in the room. My legs shook as I went over to find Rachel. God that man is so annoying. Sexy, but annoying as fuck.

I was opening the bedroom door to Rachel's room when a hand smacked my rear end out of nowhere.

"That ass is mine baby girl, forever." Federo yelled ou

ame, no, even worse to your father. He Kidnaps my sister, harms my family and the ones I love." He leans over to me and stares at me deeply in my eyes. "I'm going to cut him open and pull out every organ he has in his body with a smile on my face. This isn't a game baby girl, this is war." He deeply said in a sadistic scary tone.

Tears dribbled down my cheeks, I didn't feel safe with him as I did before.

Victoria and Alma pushed him away from me. "You are even worse then Leo, leave her alone." Alma shouted at him while her mother pulled me into her embrace.

I held on to her for dear life as I cried out softly. "Shhh my dear, he won't hurt you."

I could hear the Leo's men yelling at Federo, "what the fuck man, go easy on her." One said.

"Yea, she didn't do anything." The other said.

"It's not her fault she's Varro's daughter, keep her out of this mess." Alma's husband stated.


The sound of a door opening and closing shut made everyone's gaze turned to see where the sound came from.

I peeked up to look at who it was, a feeling of overwhelming took over my thoughts. Rachel was fine, smiling as she stood beside Leo.

With the help of Victoria, I stood up. We all walked over and stare at them as they whispered to each other.

We couldn't hear what they were saying, but the way they were holding and hugging each other was a peaceful.

"I love seeing you like this, but can you fill us in?" Federo asked as I stood beside him.

Rachel walked over to me with a smile on her face, but old frat was shielding me from her. "What's going on?" He asked while looking at his brother.

Folding her arms, she carelessly said. "You need to move, I want to hug my sister."

My heart jumped out of my chest, I felt my hands become sweaty as she came closer.

"I'm so glad I'm not alone Nadia, I'm your sister." She whispered gently.

Her hands trembled as she slowly caressed my cheek, "Ho..w?" I choked out.

"I'm Salvatore's daughter as well, that's what I just found out." She whispered as tears fell down.

She pulled me into her arms and cried. I joined her and cried as well.

"Oh god, this is too much for my heart." Victoria stated loudly.

"Are you ok?" Rachel whispered into my ear.

I held her closer, taking it all in. "At least I'm not alone."

"Never, but I may have to boss you around since I'm your big sister." She giggled while holding me ever closer to her.

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