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   Chapter 7 Beaten up

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Federo was finally up after an entire day of sleeping, he would come in and out of consciousness. But would go back to sleep immediately, all I did was watch as he slept. It sounds crazy but, I couldn't sleep. Was scared that he would never wake up, I would touch and caress his face gentle.

Placing a cold cloth on his bruises, I even shamelessly kissed him. Something about him made me want to care, I felt he could have taken Leo out instantly, but he didn't even move a muscle. He let Leo release his anger, still not knowing why or what for.

But he let him, took every hit.

I was before him this very moment, he was awake. Puffing on his Cuban cigar while his other hand touched his bruised face.

Devilish blonde hair that went in all different directions, a black eye, swollen bottom lip, red and purple bruising on his left cheek. But all in all, he looked sexy.

"Be honest baby girl, how do I look?" His eyes casted upon mine.

I smiled, leaning my head on my knees. Getting lost in those deep sea eyes, I spoke.

"Like a beaten up plum, you look like mashed up watermelon, like a blowup fish. He really did a number on you. Does it hurt?" I asked while pointing his cheek.

"Ouh, easy. It hurts!" Federo admitted.

I smiled weakly as he stood up to look at himself in the mirror. His upper body was topless, the only thing he was wearing was Leo's sweatpants. His back looked so defined and sculpted, his shoulders were wide and board. His arms were decorated in ink, along with his chest. "Well, at least he didn't kill me." He muttered out as I shook my heated thoughts away.

"He actually stayed with you, that's until he heard you moan in pain as you started to wake up. Then left immediately, Leo is scary old frat." I stated while pulling my hair back. "I keep questioning myself what will happen when he finds out that I'm Varro's

ist, old frat knew what he was doing.

"That a lollipop, is goes into those pouty lips of yours. It also goes in your soft served ice cream machine." He whispered, causing another shiver to run down my spine.

My mouth was hung open, my mind was lost. This man was dirty, but two can play at that game. "My ice cream machine is not in service, please try again later and thank you. The pùssy you've reached can not take your call at the moment, please try again and thank you."

He pulled away quickly, before letting out a deep roaring laughter. The heat of my body needed an extinguisher, my eyes drifted to the bulged that displayed in his pants.

That's not a pipe, that's a sword.

Oh, if it isn't horny conscience. How are you?

Oh, I'm fine. But your not, cause I can feel your pùssy is on fireeeee.

"Have you touched yourself baby girl?"

Yea baby girl, have you?

Shut up bitch.

"That's none of your concern." I mumble out while going back to bed.

This man was too much, and here I thought he was wise and calm. But oh boy was I wrong, he's worse than his friend Cèsar. Maybe Leo damaged his head?

Feeling the bed dip from behind me, he leaned his head on my shoulder. "The fun we'll have baby girl, just you wait."

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