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   Chapter 6 My brother

Loved by Federo By MarillaGarden Characters: 7236

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One week and still no one knows who I really am. Well besides Alexia, Federo's sister. The old fart was always in that stupid basement with the other men here.

I wondered what was down there?

My nerves were getting the best of me, like I was waiting for something dreadful to happen.

I hated that my mind would only think of the worst possible scenarios. No matter how much I tried to think positive thoughts, I would always end up convincing myself that it was a lie.

"May I come in?" a voice spoke from behind me.

I was standing near the window, looking outside when she came in. I knew her name, she looked better then I seen her last week. Her curls bouncing as she came closer to me.

"Hi." I whispered out.

"We haven't been introduced properly yet, I'm Rachel and you must be Nadia."

"Yea, nice to meet you. You are beautiful." I declared as I stared into her eyes.

"So are you, why don't you ever leave the room? Alma said that you don't talk much, you shouldn't be scared. People here are nice, they grow on you once you get to know them."

"I'm not an outgoing person, I don't talk much." I stated truthfully.

She sat down on one of the chairs that were placed by the window. I sat down as well and just stared at her. We had the same eye color, same pouty lips, same hair color.

"Tell me about yourself Nadia, where did you come from?"

"Where I'm from, that I don't know. I was at an all girls school in the UK, lived there all my life until graduating. I don't know who my parents are, don't know if I even have a family. No one ever visited me during my time there."

"How did you meet Federo?" she questions curiously.

"He found me, then brought me here." I replied not knowing much.

We both looked at each other, she smiled kindly and leaned over. Taking my hand, she rubbed it gently. "Alexia told me who you are, don't worry. No one will know, and if they do. I will protect you with my life, I promise I won't let anyone harm you. So don't be afraid, I'm your friend, not your enemy."

Tears flickered down my cheeks so quickly, after all my father put her thought with her mother, she's still i

y without being able to call him papa. You were a servant in your own father's home, just like your mama-"

"SHUT UP!" I shouted, aiming to strike her but Leo held my hand.

"What the hell is she talking about?" Leo asked while pushing me against the cement wall.

His eyes flared in anger, his breathing was raging. An evil laughter filled the room, it was Nuli.

"Well, well, I thought the family already knew. But I thought wrong, give your big brother a hug Leo."

I looked into his eyes, he seemed hurt. Anger, pained by what he just heard.

"I didn't tell you cause father didn't accept me as his son publicly. And I couldn't because I had my own reasons. I-"

He pushed me into the wall, looking me straight in the eyes. We were both the same height, same fucking eyes. He was over thinking, did he believe her?

His hands loosened around my chest, pushed himself back a bit. "You could have told me, I'm not like father. I would have accepted you."

He was hurt.

"Just wait until you find out what Federo did to you Leo, I can't wait to hear gunshot-"

Nuli stopped speaking as Leo pulled out his gun, aiming it towards her face.

Grabbing his neck with my hand, I pulled him near me. "I need you to learn patients little brother, I need her alive. Once I get what I need, you can kill her."

Pushing him out the small room, he walked backwards while facing me. His eyes spoke so many words, "Start talking."

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