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   Chapter 5 Scared

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The kiss still lingered upon my lips, it was engraved in my mind. It was more than amazing, it was breathtaking. It was nothing like I had imagined it would be.

"May I come in?" A woman said as she stood by the door, holding her round belly tightly. "We haven't meet properly, I'm Zena, Federici's wife."

So this was the woman Eric was talking about.

"Come in, it is your home after all. I'm Nadia, nice to meet you Zena."

She walked in with a smile on her face, she was so beautiful.

"Such a shame you're leaving so soon. But you'll be back here for the wedding. How are things between you and Federo?"

I blushed as she mentioned his name.

"I'll take that as an okay. Just know, I'm here for you if you want anything. Everything will be fine. I'm sure he'll take good care of you, he seems very protective. He didn't hurt you did he?" She asked, reaching my side.

"No, he didn't." I replied.

"Good, well. I should let you go. They are waiting for you in the car. I wanted to say goodbye before you left, we'll meet again soon." She softly said while handing me a phone. "My number is in there, call me if you need anything. Consider me as your big sister or mother. Whichever you want. I wish nothing but the best for you Nadia."

"Can I ask you something?" I whispered out so low.


"Eric told me..he said that you made a plan with Federici. And that you were suppose to leave after, what I want to know is. Sorry if I'm intruding in your personal life. I just wanted to know, what made you stay with him? You knew he was a bad man, a mafia king. Yet you stayed, why?"

She smiled happily as she remembered.

"He was never a bad man, Federici is the most sweetest person I've ever meet in my life. He cared for me, loved me like no other. I couldn't leave because he had my heart. What happened to me was scary, but God seem to put me in his way and I am grateful for that. I don't think any man will ever love me the way Federici does. And I love him more then he will ever know."

"Ok, sorry to-"

"Don't be sorry, you're young and curious. I understand, not all men in this mafia life are like Federici, or his friends. Some are evil and cruel, my friend Zara went through so much pain. It was Federici's brother who caused her pain, but she is happy now. With a man who is trying to get her to be his wife for so long. I have a feeling, that Federo is just like Federici. I can tell he's a good man, and can also tell. That you may have started to develop feelings for him-"

The sound of the car horn cut Zena off from finishing her words.

"Go, they're waiting."

"Thank you Zena, I wish I got to spend more time with you."

"We will when you come back, now go." She uttered out while pulling me into a hug.

I wasn't much of a hugger, but I hugged her back.



"Did you spank her? Did she call you daddy?" Cèsar hummed while wiggling his eyebrows.

"Your mind is so dirty, can you shut up."

"Nah man, tell me-"

"SHUT UP CèSAR!" I shouted, causing him to roll his eye and sit back in his seat.

The car door opened and in came Nadia.

"What took you so long?"

"Calm down old fart, I'm here." She stated, causing both Eric and Cèsar to laugh.

Locking the door, she flipped her hair to the side and hid her giggle.

The car drove off the estate and onto the main road. My hands itched to pull her close to me, but I held my urge in not to do so.

"So, you're going stay at Leo's place?" Cèsar asked.

"Where else would I stay? I can't go back to my villa cause Salvatore would know. So I'll be staying at Leo's place until I find a new place to call home."

"Shit is going to happen when he finds out man, are you going to tell him?" He asked.

"Tell him what?" Baby girl curiously asked.

"That I'm his brother." I stated.

She frowned, tilting her head to the side, "He doesn't know you're his brother?"

"No, he doesn't. The only one who knows is Alexia, my sister. Both my brothers don't know I'm their brother from another woman. The maids son to be precise.'s complicated."

"Well, uncomplicate it for me. I want to know, I am going to be your 'wife' so tell me." She said softly.

"Not now, maybe later I will tell you."

"Whatever!" She mumbled while staring out the car window.


"Don't wake me up until we reach Italy." Cèsar said as the he closed his eyes.

The plane was already up in the air. Didn't know baby girl was scared of flying.

"Are you okay now?" I asked as her hands ungripped the seat handles.

"Yea, I think." She whispered while bringing her knees close to her chest. "So, how are you going to tell your brother that he's your brother. And if your sister knows about you, how come your brothers don't know?"

"Curiosity killed the cat you know."

"Fine, I won't ask anymore."

Silence fell upon us as I looked at her, she tried avoiding my gaze but failed.

"My sister was kidnapped by your father, he let men of his do bad thing to her. She was only twelve years of age at the time. I had lost hope in finding her. Until one day when I went to kill someone, I saw her being lured in a house. I went mad and killed everyone in sight. I found her tied up and frightened. Instead of returning her back to my brothers, I kept her with me-"

"Why?" She interrupted me.

"Because I had sent a dead body to my brothers making them think she was dead. I wanted to ease their pain, but I had mentally scarred them for life. This was before I found out she was still alive, I wanted both my brothers to forget her and move on, but I damaged them, made them become cruel and vicious. I didn't know how they would react if she showed up at their door steps alive, so I kept her with me. Years passed and I had told her the truth, she knew and accepted me as her brother easily. To my brothers, I am the man behind what happened to them. When the truth is, it was your father. All my life I tried to keep them safe, killing anyone who tried to harm them. While being in the shadows as the ghost hunt

er. Your father played a game which he is winning, but soon he will fall. The truth will unravel, just waiting patiently to see what happens next."

I looked up at her, tears formed in the corner of her eyes. "I'm sorry for what he did to you and your family. Just hope you won't kill me."

"Don't think I can baby girl."

"What else did my father do?"

"He's done a lot more than you think, he was working with my father. I was placed into this situation long ago, might as well figure out how to handle it."

"He's hurting a lot of people, why?"

"Everyone in this mafia life wants to be the highest in command. They want to be feared and respected, but your father wanted to wipe out everyone in his way, along with the help of my father. He kidnapped a woman named Anastasia while she was pregnant, kept her locked away from her husband for so many years. I want to know why he chose her, why her? What was his motive behind her kidnapping. And why not kill her and the child she was carrying?"

"Did you know why? Is the woman and the child safe?" She asked.

"Yes, the woman is back with her husband. The child is a full grown woman named Rachel, she's with my brother Leo."

She frowned, stunned at what I just had said. "How?"

"Her friend, came to me and said that your father wanted her dead. I've spent all my life shielding her from harm, I didn't do my best. But she stayed alive, became famous on the Internet. The same girl that came to tell me that she was suppose to be killed, was the same girl whose family had taking her in, cared for her. Why the sudden change? Why would they come and tell me that she must be dead? Those questions kept wondering around my head, but never put in much thought to it. Telling my sister about what was going on, she came up with a plan. She said to let Leo capture Rachel, that she knew he would keep her safe. So I asked the girl that came to tell your father what I had a plan, that I wanted to bring down Leo and I would kill the girl at the same time. Two days later, the girl came back and said ok. That I can go on with the plan and that she will help. Still a lot of questions that I don't have the answers too, but I will find out soon once I arrive."

"Will your brothers hurt me if they found out I'm the daughter of the man who caused them all this misery?"

"I said no one will harm you, so stop thinking about being hurt or killed. I won't let that happen." I shouted angrily.

Over my dead body anyone will hurt her, I'll kill them myself.



I felt relieved, I actually believed Federo would keep me safe. Yea, I was stupid for thinking so, but I had no choice but to trust him.

The plane had already landed, we were in the car on our way to his brothers place.

I stared at him as he tapped his hand against his thigh, he was scared and anxious. He seem to love his family, the family that didn't know about him.

I wondered if my father felt anything for me, did he fear for my life? Or was he cruel as people said he was? He doesn't deserves to be thought about, but a part of me wants to see him. Hear his side of the story.

"We're here, listen Federo. Take it easy, and don't-" Cèsar didn't get to finish what he wanted to say.

Federo had already jump out the car so quick, he was walking towards the front steps. I got out and followed him quickly. Knocking hard against the door, a man opened it. He looked stunned to see him.

Federo pushed him to the side and barged into the mansion, "Where is he? Where-"

"Federo, oh my God you're here." A girl yelled out happily. Running into his arms. "Oh god I thought you wouldn't come back, you're okay, right? You're not hurt?" She questions while stepping back to look at him.

"Shhhh bella, I'm fine. How's Leo? Where is he?" He asked her while pulling up her head to look at her face.

Wiping the tears that had fell on her cheeks, she hugged him tightly. "He's fine, he's resting now. He's in his room upstairs, everyone is up there. Trying to wake up Rachel."

"Why? Is she hurt?" He asked.

"No, no. She's fine, just stressed out from all that has happened. She...lost her child, she had a miscarriage." She whispered out.

Federo's hands fell to his side, the look on his face was heartbreaking. He seemed sad and hurt, rubbing his face harshly. He backed away from her and looked my way. "This is my sister, Alexia."

I smiled at her, "This is my fiancé Nadia." He stated.

Her eyes widen as she looks up at her brother. Then back at me, I figured that she knew who I was. "Nice to meet you Nadia."

Federo kissed her forehead before going up the staircase. I followed him because I didn't want to be near anyone. I didn't know them. Trying to catch up with him, He stopped in front of a closed door, breathing heavily.

I stood behind him, "He's going to hate me even more once he knows I'm his brother." He whispered out sadly.

Blowing out a huffing sound, he opened the door and entered the room that was filled with people.

His eyes roamed around the room, landing on a man who was laying down on a bed. The heart monitor beeped loudly as the room was in utter silence, staring at us.

"I'm going to kill that fucker if it's the last thing I do." Federo shouted, making his promises to everyone that father will die.

Anger filled his tone, eyes were upon us. I felt scared and alone among people that wanted my father dead. I feared if they didn't find him, then they would kill me instead.

The woman who was laying on the bed stared at me for the longest time. She had the same color eyes as me, but she was more beautiful than I'll ever be.

I looked over at everyone who were just staring my way, I became shy.

"Aren't you going to introduce your friend to us?" The woman that was on the bed asked.

I looked towards Federo who was standing besides Leo, I think. He wasn't listening, he was lost in his own world.

I felt a hand on back, rubbing softly. It was Federo's sister, she smiled sweetly before saying. "This is Federo's fiancé, Nadia."

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