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   Chapter 4 Kiss

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The grin wouldn't wipe off my face, the blondie was giving me a death stare as she rang up the price tags.

"It must be nice no? To have your brother buy you all these things. He is your brother?" She asked curiously.

Old fart pulled me close to him. I avoided his gaze as much as I could. "No, she's my fiancé. Don't you think we make a good couple?" He asked her while moving his hand up and down my waist.

"Yes, nice couple. My number is in the bag, if there's any problems. Please come back so I can take care of you, I mean the issue." She smiled at Federo.

He grabbed the bags from her and pulled out her number, crumbled it up before throwing it to the floor. "Have a nice day."

I bite my tongue and held in my smile. Old fart was earning brownie points. Passing by, my eyes caught a pretty Sapphire necklace in the glass window as we walked out.

"Is there something you like baby girl?" He asked. But I shook my head and left the Boutique.

He had already spent a lot and I wasn't going to let him be my sugar daddy.

Sugar daddy? OK Nadia, you need to chill.

I giggled silently as I entered the car. Waiting for him to get in, but he just placed the bags next to me and returned into the shop.

I bet he was going to get her number, he could have just kept it in the bag. I take back the brownie point I just gave him. Zero old fart, zip zero points for you.

I waited in the car for him, the man in the front seat was looking at me through the rear view mirror with a smile.

"You know, you remind me of Zena when she was your age. Don't worry, I think you have him wrapped around your little pinky finger without you knowing yet." He said while chuckling.

"I don't want him, it's just a plan that's all. I'll be free from him once this is all over."

He laughed loudly while looking at me kindly. "Yes, that's what Zena and Frederic had planned too. But they're still together after all these years. I can't wait to say I told you so in a couple of years." He hummed while chuckling.

"What is your name Mr.?"

"Eric, and you are Nadia, right?"

I nodded my head in response, looking out the car window. I see old frat and blondie talking and laughing with each other.

"You should go call him out, he's taking to long don't you think?"

"I don't care, can we just leave him here with her and go?" I asked while huffing out irrationally.

"He is doing this to see if you would come in the shop again. Maybe play his game."

"What game?"

"Come and sit next to me, I promise you he will be pissed and annoyed when he sees you talking with another man."

"Seriously Eric? I don't care what he does. Do you know how long I'll be here?"

"How long? That I don't know, but I do know that you will be leaving to Italy in two days. Now come and sit next to me, we can get to know each other more. I love caring for my little sisters, and now you are one of them." He stated sweetly.

"Aww, your wife must be so happy to have you as her man. How old are you Eric? You have any kids?"

I think I was getting to personal with the questions, I hopped into the front passenger seat and looked his way.

"I am not married, but I do have a daughter." He sighed deeply. "She lives with my old mother, she's would be around your age. Her name is Kathleen." He said while handing me his phone. "This is her and that is my mother."

"She's beautiful Eric, I bet you're a good father."

"I hope so, I want to say something." He said, causing me to look up at him. "Just because your Varrao's daughter, doesn't mean I or anyone else hates you. You've done nothing wrong, but your father and grandfather are not very good people. But I know you're not like them, what I'm trying to say is. People you will meet will try to blame you for what your father did. But I highly doubt that Federo does. You need a backbone to support on that will shield you from harm. Try to make things work with you and that man inside. I'm giving you 'fatherly' advice now."

"You're not bad Eric, not bad at all."

"I think blondie is not going to let him go, maybe you should go in and pull him out." He said while unlocking the door button.

"I don't want-"

"Go!" He demanded firmly with a smile.



"You like fat girls no?" The blonde cashier lady said while giggling.

"She's not fat, so please choose your words carefully."

"It's a joke, you want me to wrap it as a gift?" She asked while looking at the necklace.

She held it in her hands and admired it.

Without asking, she placed it around her neck and model for me. "Its very beautiful, you shouldn't have." She giggled, causing me to frown.

"Yea old fart, you shouldn't have." Nadia said from behind me, she was leaning against the glass window. Staring at me with questionable eyes.

Fuck, it's not for her. It's for you. "Doesn't it flatter me well big girl?" The woman said to Nadia.

"Not really skinny twig, it doesn't flatter you at all." She replied back, then turned to face me. "I want to leave and you're taking too long, if your done. I would like to leave, please."

"I bought it for you-"

"I don't want it anymore, blondie can have it. Now can we leave? You know what, forget it." She angrily said before storming out back to the car.

"I think your fia

ncé is jealous." The blonde lady whimpered out with a grin on her face.

"Cancel the order, I want the ruby necklace. Make it quick please, your taking up all my time and made her mad."

"I'm sorry-"

"Don't fucking talk, just do your job and hurry up." I hissed out, causing her to flinch back in fear.


"Took you long Federo, is there any place you like to go?" Eric said as I got into the car.

Nadia was sitting besides him, not making sound. The blonde bitch ruined everything.

"No, just take us back to Frederic's place please."


The car ride back to Frederic's villa was quiet. Not a word from Nadia, the fact she was like this made me wondered why I even cared if she was mad at me. I didn't do anything, so why was I pissed at the thought of her anger at me?

Get a grip Federo, your taking this too far. She's not your lover, she's the daughter of your enemy. So keep it business only, follow the plan and soon it will be over.

The sound of the car door opening and closing brought me out of my thoughts. We had arrived, I watched her get out and walk alongside Eric towards the villa.

I thought she wasn't into old fart men, apparently she was into Eric. The smile on her face said she was, she is playing you like a fool Federo. Get it together.

I followed them into the villa, Cèsar was standing in the hallway with Frederic and Alrodo. The look on his face told me something was wrong.

Cèsar made his way towards me, trying to from words to speak. "Something has happened?" I said while holding in whatever pain that was in me.

Was my family hurt?

"Yea, Leo's been shot. I think we should head back now to Italy." He stated while looking towards Nadia.

I knew what he wanted to say, it was Nadia's father who did so.

I stared at her, fuming with anger. "And this is why it will never work out." I shouted.

Her eyes widen in fear as I walked up to her. Eric shield her from me while Cèsar held me back. "She didn't do anything man, calm down. If you're ready, we can leave now and figure things out later. Right now we need to go see Leo. And find out what happened." Cèsar implied as I stared at Eric who wouldn't move.

"I think you should step away." I hissed out while clenching my hands tightly.

"I think you should calm the fuck down, she didn't do anything. Why pour out all your anger on her?" Eric asked as he took a step closer.

I lost it, he wasn't minding his own business. I punch him, one punch was all it took for him to fall down, Nadia ran into the room but I followed her.

"Federo, fuck Federo she didn't do anything." Cèsar yelled as I stormed into the room. Locking it shut with the keys, I turned around to face her.

"Please don't hurt me." She begged in fear.

Pounding on the door became louder and louder as I walked closer her.

I wasn't mad at her for what her father did.

I was mad at her for fucking with my head.

She can't do that, she has no right too.

"Open the goddamn door Federo." Cèsar yelled.

She fell to her knees and shield herself from me.

I stopped and frowned deeply, did she thought I was going to hit her?

"Please don't hurt me, I didn't do anything."

"I'm not going to hurt you." I declared while grabbing her by her arms and pulled her up to face me, but her gaze was cast down towards the floor.



He was going to hurt me, shit he was scary.

I waited for a smack, hit, punch. Anything really, but nothing ever came.

What did I do? Why is he mad at me?

I dared to look into his eyes, his hands pressed against both side of my cheeks tightly.

"I thought you hate old men, but it seems you like Eric." He said.

"Wait, you're mad at what exactly?"


"No need to scream old man, I can hear you. Can you let go of my cheeks now-"

He pressed his lips onto mine, my eyes were wide open. Oh my god, my first kiss and it was like this?

He pulled back and squinted his eyes. Then stared into mine. As if he figured out what was going through my mind, he let his hand drop to his side. His other hand removed the hair strand that was covering my face, slowly tucking it behind my ear.

"You are that innocent huh?" He whispered gently as he came closer to me. "Let's do this again, move your lips along with mine." He hummed out.

I felt I was in a trance by his voice, he held my body close to his, leaving no space between us. One hand went around my waist, while the other held the back of my head. With a light tug, he push my head back. Our eyes not breaking connection. Moving closer and closer until his lips pressed a soft light kiss upon mine. My eyes automatically close as I gave into him. I felt the tip of his tongue roll inside my mouth.

A moan escaped from me.

Moving in sync with his lips, I kissed back. He became more aggressive with his kisses. I did the same as he did, I felt as if I was floating on clouds as my mind lost track of what was happening. With every kiss, my breathing picked up its pace. He pulled back, raging and panting heavily.

I was weak in the knees, but his tight hold on my body kept me in place. My senses were fogged up, my body was on fire. I opened my eyes to look up at him.

"Glad to be your first baby girl, and I can assure you I'll be your only one, Forever."

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