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   Chapter 3 Baby girl

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I wanted to kiss her, but pulled back at the last second. What was I thinking?

"How old are you?" She asked.

"Old, now let's go. We have to be in Italy by tomorrow."

"Whatever old fart." She mumbled.

Keep your shit together Federo. She's just an immature girl that hasn't developed a brain yet. Maybe her body has developed into a womanly figure, but surely not her mind.

"Yes, whatever baby girl." I replied while looking back at her flush blushed face.

"I'm not your baby girl, so don't call me that."

"But it suits you so well, you have a baby face and you are a girl. So baby girl it is."

"Fine, then I'll call you old fart."

Opening the car door for her, I smiled as she held her hands against her hips. The wind blew her hair in all different directions. All I can see were her red plump lips and specks of freckles against her nose and cheeks.

"You can call me whatever you want, old frat. Old man, daddy." I uttered, causing her eyes to widen. "Whatever you want baby girl, you can call me, now get in. We don't have much time."

As much as the school uniform emphasize her long legs, surely it wasn't going to be the only she she wears.

"Are you going to stand there all day baby girl?"

"Don't. Call. Me. That." She huffed, making her way into the car.

Getting in besides her, I look at the driver who had came and picked me up from the airport. "Eric right?"

"Yes sir, at your service. Where to Mr. Dante?"

"Any place that sells clothing for little girls."

He chuckled while nodding his head, driving out of the gates, he raised the black glass that was between us and him. Giving us privacy, from the corner of my eye. I see her playing with her fingers nervously.

"I'm Thirty-five, have two brothers and one sister. Although they don't know about my existence, besides my sister, I still call them my family. Relax baby girl, I won't hurt you. Just behave and I'll treat you right."

"You are an old fart, and I'm not nervous. Just thinking about my friend Madeleine, she was supposed to come with me. I don't know where she is or what she's going to do. She has no place to go, no family." She whispered sadly.

"I'm sure she'll be fine. Maybe she went back to the school you both were in. That's if she's a smart girl, do you have the ring I gave you?" I asked curiously while looking down at her finger.

"No, Madeleine had the small backpack with her. It had the ring in it as well, why do you ask?" She said, staring at me.

"No reason." I lied.

The ring had a tracking device implanted in the gem, I was surely able to find her friend. That's if she doesn't sell it.

"I don't want to marry you." She said out of nowhere.

"You have no say in this situation, you're going to marry me no matter what. After I find your father, I will let you go and live your life."

"How do I know you're not lying to me? I don't know you to trust you."

"First of all, I don't need you to trust me. Second of all, you're not my type. Third of all, I just want to catch your father. This is all a plan to make him come out from his hiding place. I don't want anything from you, nor do I want a child to call my wife. Just follow my instructions, soon this will be all over. Then you can do what you planned to do with your life, I'll let you go after this is all done. You have my word baby girl."

"Ok, I'll go along with your plan. But let's set some rules first. You don't call me baby girl."

"I'll call you baby girl."

"You don't touch me."

"You'll be my wife so I'll do what I want with you."

"Shut up and listen, I mean old fart. If you want me to go along with your stupid plan in catching my father then you'll do what I say."

"You don't care if I kill your father?" I question her.

"I don't know him to care about him. He's a stranger to me, I don't even know what he looks like. All I know that he's a bad man, that everyone hates and fears. I don't want to be involved in his mess, it's not my fault that he's my father. I didn't get to choose who my parents could be, but I will get to choose how my life will turn out. All I ask from you is that you don't harm me, I want nothing from you. I just want to live and see the world, eighteen years of my life being locked up in a school was torture. Having to see all the girls family visit

them was painful. I don't deserve to be sad all my life for my father's mistakes. I know you and every other person out there in the mafia world hate me because of my father and want me dead. But I didn't do anything. I..." she released all she wanted to say.

Holding back her tears, I felt a ping of pain echo through my chest.

"No one will hurt you, as long as you're with me. No one will dare to harm what's mine."



My stomach did a double flip when he said I was his, he wasn't old looking. I just wanted to piss him off, not liking how I felt when he called me baby girl. Not liking how his face looked like, it was to perfect, he was beyond hot.

The car came to a stop in front of a Boutique shop. He got out before me and held his hand out for me to take. Ignoring him, I got out after him. Only to trip on air, a pair of arms caught me before my face connected to the cement sidewalk.

"Falling for me already baby girl?" He chuckled while pulling me up.

I pushed away his arms that were wrapped around my waist, his touch sent sparks of fire through my body. The old fart even smell good, Cuban cigars and some kind of cologne.

"Shall we?" He stated while taking my hand into his. Walking into the Boutique where we were greeted by a sexy woman in black.

She was beautiful, long blonde hair and blue eyes. Red ruby lipstick and heels surely I wouldn't be able to walk in.

I felt insecure about my looks standing before her. I was more on the chubby side, thick thighs and a big butt, not to mention breast that looked like implants. Stupid freckles I hated so much and big lips that looked swollen. Did I mention my eyes were dull hazel eyes, ugh. I hated everything about me this very moment.

She smiled as she made her way towards us, not bothering to look my way. She fluttered her eyelashes to old fart guy.

I mentally rolled my eyes and walked into the classy Boutique, everything was named brand. My eyes flicker back and forth between him and her as they talked.

I grabbed a couple of things and went to look for the dressing room, I looked back at him. He was looking back at me while the woman kept talking to him, I shut the door lock and huffed out in frustration.

None of these clothes were going to fit properly, I didn't even want to try anything on. But I did anyhow, I wasn't going to stay in my school uniform forever.

Peeking through the door, I saw them still talking with each other. She was playing with her hair and giggling. I closed my eyes and cursed myself, why was I even mad?

So stupid of me, I got to undressing and grabbed the first dress that was in front of me. I noticed that all the clothes I picked out were short, and I was positive they weren't going to fit right.

I thought of Madeline, she would always say that my body was perfect. But I was far from that. I shook my thought away and looked into the full length mirror that was before me. The navy blue strapless dress was a tight fit, it showed my figure. Every inch of it, turning around to look at the back of the dress. I groaned, my butt was sticking out.

Why couldn't I be skinny, why?

"Are you done baby girl?" His voice came through from behind the door.

Oh, the bitch let you go? So sweet of her.

"I don't like the clothes here, everything is to-"

I didn't finish what I wanted to say as the door opened, "Hey, what the hell?"

"Let me see."

"No!" I held the door from opening any further.

"Here, I think this will fit her. She is on the heavy side." The bitch said.

Heavy side? What the fuck does that supposed to mean?

I opened the door and stared her in the eye. Her eyes widen as she took in my body, fuck. Did I look that bad?

"Try these, they won't be so tight on you." She smiled weakly.

"I think they fit her perfectly, Jesus!"

I stared at him, he bite down on his lower lip as his eyes never left my body.

I snapped my fingers in front of his face. His head snapped back towards my eyes, they looked different. "Buy that dress, buy everything." He whispered out, trailing his eyes down once more against my figure.

I went back into the dressing room and locked the door shut. A smile took over my face as I heard him groan.

"Santo cazzo!" He yelled out.

I hope that's good.



Santo cazzo! Means, holy fuck!

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