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   Chapter 2 Meeting Federo Dante...

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This Ricardo guy was cute, or as Madeleine said 'smokin'. He was talking to someone on the phone named Federo, what kind of name was that? But whoever he was, it seemed this man before me was taking orders from him.

He ended the call, I dared to ask. "Do you work for father?"

He looked at me in disgust, as if I was filth and not a human being. "If I ever see your father, I will kill him with my bare hands. You have the dna of a poison man. Does dear father come and visit you?"

I started to get worried, what if he was one of father's enemies? What if he wanted to kill me? Oh god, this wasn't good. Something bad was going to happen, I felt it in my heart.

"I don't think I'm coming with you, let go, Madeleine. Good day Ricardo."

I pulled on Madeleine arm and walked away from the man who was taking closer steps towards us. "Run Madeleine." I shouted loudly in the airport.

She ran ahead of me, faster than I could. Passing people, I bumped into them, trying to escape. I had lost track of Madeleine, I ran towards an exit door. Trying to open it, but no luck. It was locked, I turned around and came face to face with an anger Ricardo. He pulled out a gun, cornering me.

I froze completely, terrified of his next move. He stalks over to me and pulls my arm harshly, gripping it tightly in his hold.

"Make one move or sound and I won't hesitate to kill you. I have to deliver you to the ghost hunter himself, the idiot think I'm going to marry you. Fuck no, I don't want anything to do with you." He informed me.

Wait, but father is the ghost hunter. What was this man up too? I was dragged besides him to our previous spot. I decided to scream for help, "someone help, this man is trying to-" I felt the gun on the side of my stomach.

"Don't, I will kill you."

People stared at us as we walked down the stairs, leading to the open runway. A small private jet was before us, he made his way towards the plane and pushed me in along with him. He pressed a button the locked the plane door, pushing me onto one of the chairs. He talked with the caption of the pilot in a foreign language I didn't understand.

In minutes, the planed started to move. He sat down before me while pointing the gun at me. "Buckle up Nadia, you'll meet the ghost hunter shortly."

I did what he said, I was shaking in fear. This was it, I was going to die. Closing my eyes, I held on to the chair for dear life as the plane took off.

"Don't worry, the flight is only four hour long. Try to get some sleep, people are awaiting your presence." He chuckled wickedly.

I take back what I said about him, he wasn't cute anymore. He was a sick bastard.


I didn't move from my spot, the captain of the plane spoke in his native tongue. I cursed myself for not knowing what he was saying.

"We will be landing shortly, I will give you some advice on the people you are about to meet. Their ruthless, and will kill you if you don't follow their orders. Everyone hates your father, I mean really hate him and want him dead. So I wouldn't be surprised if they try to kill you, behave and listen to what they say. These are mafia men you'll be dealing with. So think before you do some stupid."

"What do you want from me? I didn't do anything." I cried out in fear.

"You didn't, but your father caused a war. A war like no other, we don't want to hurt you. We just want your father to come out of his hiding place. If you know where we can find him-"

"I don't even know how he looks like, I don't know anything about him. I don't know who my family is or why I'm in this mess. Please, just let me go. I didn't do anything."

"You're lying, he must have come and visited you at school."

I shook my head, "I swear to you he hasn't. All my life I've been at that school, all I know about him is that he's called the ghost hunter. I don't even know his name, I don't even have a last name to go by. Just Nadia, daughter of the ghost hunter. That's all I've been ever called. Please believe me, I'm not lying."

The plane started to drop altitude, I felt my heart going down as well.

"Some father he is, I believe you Nadia. But your fate is not in my hands, you'll have to deal with Federo yourself. And let me tell you something, he's the man you should fear the most. Your father caused him so much pain, not to him, but to his family. He wants him dead."

I closed my eyes as my thoughts went wild.

"My father could be innocent-"

"Haha, that's the most...oh lord. That's funny." He laughed hysterically.

I blocked him out and waited for the plane to land, once I get my chance. I will escape from him.



"Federici, nice to see you again." Cèsar said while hugging his friend.

"Nice to see you again Cèsar, how is your family?" The man who was named the mafia dom implied while gripping Cèsar's shoulder.

"Everyone is good, you got my message right?" Cèsar asked which caused the man to nod.

He looked towards me and nodded his head, holding his hand for me to shake.

"Federici Demchuk, you must be the ghost hunter?"

"Federo Dante." I replied.

"Welcome, we're having lunch. Care to join?" He asked while walking side by side with Cèsar.

"I'm famished, where's the food?" Cèsar asked which caused his friend to laugh.

"This way my friend."

We were lead to a dining room area where I see men and women, along with children sitting around the table. Everyone looked up at us as we made our way in.

"Cèsar, this is my wife Zena." Federici introduced him to the lovely woman who had a warm smile on her face.

"A pleasure to finally meet you my queen." Cèsar stated while taking her hand, placing a kiss upon it.

"Welcome, please sit." She replied politely.

"This is Alordo and that is his wife Emma, they're two daughters. And the boys are mine, the princess over there is Maryanne. She mine as well, and you know lily and Clara." Federici said all at once, causing my head to spin at home many people were here.

"Sweetheart, who is your other friend?" Federici's wife asked as she stared at me.

"This is Federo, the man I told you about."

"Ahh, ok!" She nodded her head while smiling at me. "Please, sit and join us."

Feeling uncomfortable, I took a seat next to Cèsar who was already at home, eating away. This was not my place, I'm not a social person, never have, never will be.

Living all my life in the shadows caused me to be this way. I remained quietly as the other spoke, commotion filled the hallway. Hearing Ricardo's voice, I stood up.

Two men along with Ricardo came into the dining room, my eyes landed on the screaming girl who was trying to escape Ricardo's hold.

"Let her go!" Federici demanded firmly.

"She's tried to escape three times already, and who are you tell me what to do?" Ricardo hissed out angrily.

The room became silent, no one uttered a word. Besides Cèsar, "Well you're fucked."

"LANGUAGE CèSAR!" Federici shouted while piercing his anger eyes at Ricardo.

"Papa, he doesn't know who you are. Please go easy on him." The girl with the blonde hair who I think was Maryanne spoke.

"Everyone in my office now, take the girl to the room. Lay a finger on her and I will kill you, by the way. I'm your king, learn some manners young boy." Federici stated while facing a scared Ricardo.

Cèsar, Federici, the man who I still didn't know his name walked out before me. But their wife's yelled back for them.

"Not so fast icy blue, you and Federici take the kids. I need to sleep and Zena is pregnant and tried. So you'll be babysitting sexy." The woman with the curly locks said while continuing to eat her meal.

Both men walked in and took the kids, wow. They were whipped.

I watched them leave once more. Looking back at the ladies, I smiled."I apologize for the chaos, please enjoy the rest of your meal." I whispered out before walking towards Ricardo who seemed lost. I pushed him ahead of me, he held the girl who never left her gaze from mine.

The two men walked behind me, "You need to teach your men some respect." One mumbled.

"Will keep that in mind, which room can she stay in?" I asked while facing them.

"Federo, get your ass over here now." Cèsar shouted.

I left them and went to him, entering the room he was in.


"Why didn't you tell Leo that he is your brother?" Federici asked as I sat down before him.

He had his three young boys besides him playing in his office, he held a high demeanor that seemed intimidating. The marks of his burned skin made him seem as if he was a monster and not a loving father as I see now.

"Something are meant to keep secret until the right time, as to my knowledge. You never told your brother about his child, you even killed him. I only did what was necessary to keep my family alive. Salvatore Varrao, the son of the man you killed. Is watching my every move, I don't know where he is or what he will do next. I kept my life on hold to fix a problem my father put me in. It's not easy being a shadow of what people think you're not. I had eyes on me, whatever I did, it was reported back to him. I had to wipe out every enemy my brother had, or I should say my father had. It was my responsibility to keep him safe, even if it meant I had to hurt him."

He stared at me for the longest time, Cèsar was by his side. As well as a man I didn't know.

"What is it that you want from Frederic?" The unknown man spoke for the first time.

He handed a glass of whiskey to Frederic while sitting besides him, his icy blue eyes pierced through mine as he held his daughter I presume in his arms.

"And who might you be?" I question curiously.

"Alordo, Frederic's right hand man. I'm here for vacation to visit my dear friend, but here w

e are discussing about a Varrao who might or might not be alive. How do we know you're even telling the truth?" He asked while tilting his head to the side.

"Why would I be lying? All I came for was an address to the Varrao's place. Just tell me where I can find it and I'll be out of your way."

Frederic chuckled while pouring the drink down in one swift. He placed the empty glass down upon the table and looked at me seriously. "You think, that it's is to take him down on your own? I bet he knows you're here this very moment. This is a Varrao were talking about, the most cruelest, vicious people in mafia history. They have no heart, no soul. They don't believe in family nor love, they take without any remorse. They will rip you open and feed you your own flesh and meat while they sadistically laugh in your face. They kill there own, without no mercy. How are you going to take Salvatore down when you don't even know what he looks like?"

I remained quiet while thinking about what he said, he was right. I don't even know what Salvatore looks like.

"I may have someone that knows what he looks like, I'm going to be honest with you. I came for help, I've heard of what the Varrao's are capable of. I also heard what you did with his father. I just want him dead so my family can be safe, even if it means I have to sacrifice my own life. Then I will, I need to clear my name. I'm labeled as the ghost hunter because of my father. I never asked for this life, all I wanted was to make my mother proud of me."

"And that she is for raising a man, I have nothing against you Federo." Frederic stated while looking at me, he glanced over to his friend who raised an eyebrow before nodding. "The man and the girl who came, who are they?"

"That would be Ricardo, Leo's best friend. And the girl would be Salvatore Varrao's daughter, Nadia." I replied back while remembering her face.

"Very beautiful girl she is." Cèsar implied while chuckling.

"I agree, she is stunning." Alordo confirmed.

She was beautiful, very beautiful actually.

"I changed her name to mine, she doesn't know anything about her father. Nor has he ever attempted to visit her."

"What was your plan by doing so?" Frederic asked while picking up his son who was sleeping next to his feet, on to his lap.

"I thought I would keep her with me, that Ricardo can marry her and keep her safe in his village until this is all over."

"That doesn't sound good, isn't Ricardo engaged to some girl?" Cèsar asked.

"It's ok-"

"No it's not, what I think you should do is marry her yourself. That way, Varrao's son will come to you. Ricardo seems like a young man that doesn't know what he's doing yet. I understand your plan, which was good. But I think you should marry her, keep her safe and close to you." Alordo said while looking at his friend.

"Alordo is right, the young man seems strong, but not strong enough. Varrao's boy can take him down easily." Frederic stated while getting up.

"You all seem to not be listening to me, I changed her name to my name. She would be my daughter on legal papers, it's not going to work out. And I have no intention marry a girl half my age."

"How old are you, Thirty-five?"

"She's eighteen, Ricardo is suitable for her-"

"No, he's not! The boy doesn't even want to look at her, let alone marry her. I think it's best if you do the job, I have a plan and the only way it will work is if you marry Salvatore's daughter yourself." Frederic said.

"And what plan is that? How will I even change her name back? How will I marry her if she's my so called daughter on the freaking papers?"

This was nonsense. My plan was perfect but they're not going along with it.

"We make a big wedding and announce to everyone that Federo Dante is marrying Salvatore Varrao's daughter. The wedding will be held here, surely he will come and bless us with his presence. What I need from you is to know what he looks like. Don't worry about the name, I'll have someone change it back in no time. She doesn't know anything about you, I'm sure of that. So trust me and go with my plan."

"She was supposed to be for Ricardo's taking. Not married to the ghost hunter. She knows her father by that name, surely she will find out and freak out." I huffed out.

"I think you two will make a lovely couple, don't you think Cèsar?" Alordo chuckled along with Cèsar.

"Why do I feel your planning this for a good laugh?" I asked.

"Well, now you're apart of the family. You're apart of this mafia clan. We look out for our own, not only business wise, but family wise as well." Frederic said while handed me a glass of whiskey I took eagerly.

"There's not going to be a family in the making, I'll go with your plan then divorce her once we're done." I whispered while gulping down the burning taste of whiskey.

Frederic leaned down and grabbed my shoulder firmly, "You have to admit, you couldn't take your eyes off her once you saw her. And I'll make a bet with you, that you won't even think about leaving her once this situation is over."

"Didn't know you like to play cupid Dom, very interesting person you are."

He chuckled and shook his head, "I don't play cupid, but I know what other can't see. I'm only giving you a push, that's all."

Someone knocked on the door before entering, Ricardo walks in with scratches all over his face. "That woman is feisty for a quiet girl, looks can be deceiving. I think you should go and see her, she's not listening to anyone. I locked her in a room and came here to say that I won't be marrying her. Father wants me back in the village by next week, I apologize Federo. But I can't disobey my father. Maybe-"

"It's alright Ricardo, Federici has planned it out for us." I said while standing up.

"Oh, thank you lord. So who's the lucky guy that will have kitty cat in there?" Ricardo asked.

"Me, I will marry kitty cat."

His mouth hung open while his eyes widely stared at me. "This is gonna be interesting." He mumbled out while laughing.

The men all laughed along with him.

"You all will rot in hell." I said before leaving the room.

"Watch out for her claws, let me know when she calls you daddy." Cèsar laughed out loudly.

They were enjoying this, fuck.

I stopped, not knowing where I was supposed to go. The men followed me out while still enjoying themselves, "You lost man? I can help you find her if you want." Cèsar hummed out, holding back his laughter.

"She's in that room Federo." Ricardo said while pointing at the door on the far left side. "Here are the keys, good luck."

I grabbed the keys from him and walked over to the door, she was banging on it wildly while screaming. I looked back at the men who were waiting for me to get in, Cèsar smiled wickedly. I saluted him with my middle finger before opening the door.

I got in and locked the door afterwards, looking around for her. She stood on my right side, arms folded defensively while glaring at me with hateful eyes. "And you are?" Her British accent came through.

"Sit, we need to talk."

"Look here, I'm not sitting and you're going to let me leave. I don't think you know who I am."

"And you do?" I asked while leaning against the door.

She was very beautiful, even when she was mad she was beautiful.

"My father is the ghost hunter, I'm sure you heard about him. He will kill you once he finds you."

"Your father isn't the ghost hunter, I should know that cause I'm the ghost hunter. Your father is a Varrao, you are hated amongst a lot of people for just having that name. Did I tell you that he wants us to get married, your father that is. I would be his right hand man, Federo. And I can't disobey his orders."

She back away from me, her emerald green eyes stared at me for the longest time. Clenching her hands into a fist, she attacks me. With one move I held her body against the door, not leaving any space between us.

Trying to escape my hold, I pressed myself even more on her frame. For a tiny girl, she had a lot of courage. Looking at me straight in the eyes without any fear.

"Be a good girl Nadia, I don't want to have you bend over on my lap and" I paused as her breathing elaborated quickly. "Well, you know the rest."

Staring into those eyes of hers, I smiled before letting her go. She pulled down her school uniform, brushing her hair away from her face.

"You can tell father I won't marry you, I won't do anything he wants me to do. I don't even consider him to be my father, I don't even know his name, nor how he looks like. What kind of human being is he? I'm sorry Federo, but I won't be marrying you. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to leave this place and go...." she stopped talking all at once.

"Go where? You have no place to live, nowhere to go. Don't worry love, I'll take care of you. Now, be a good girl and stop causing a scene."

"Fuck you!"

"We'll be doing a lot of that later on." I stated causing her to gasp.



My body shivered at what he said, he was hot, really hot and sexy. And I was going to marry him, omg!

"Do you have any clothing beside that?" He asked while looking up and down at my body.


"Very well, let go buy you some clothes before we leave." He said while walking over to me.

His body pressed against mine, his eyes stared down at me. Lifting his hand up to my face, he brushed away the hair that was stuck to my cheek. "Don't run away from me." He lowered himself down until his lips hovered over mine. "You don't want to see what I'm capable of love."

His warm breath was panting heavily, his sea blue eyes stared into mine. My breathing picked up as he came closer to my lips. He was going to kiss me, but shook his head and pulled back.

"Let's go!"

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