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   Chapter 1 Beginning

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"Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear loney. Happy birthday to me. God I sound so pathetic, Madeleine, why won't you stop me from feeling petty about my life?" I questioned my only friend.

She blew out the single candle that was lit on top of the cupcake she had made for me.

"I sing that all the time too you know, and you're not alone. You have me, I'll always be there for you Nadia." Madeleine replied sweetly.

"I'm so glad we'll be out of here in a week, I can't wait to start my life." I stated while biting into the chocolate covered cupcake.

"You're taking me with you right? You know I have no place to go." She sadly said while leaning back against the bed frame.

"Just the two of us, we can make if we try, just the two of us, you and I." I sung, which caused her to smile.

Her eyes held fear and pain, I knew she was scared of what life has in store for us. But I felt it in my heart that everything will be alright.

"We've been living in this school all our lives Nadia, not once has our parents come to visit like the rest of the parents do. You're known as the ghost hunter's daughter and I'm known as nothing. Who am I? Why am I not wanted by my family? They pay for me to have a high education, but never have come to see me. I don't even know who I am."

I sighed loudly as tears fell from her eyes.

"I am like you Madeleine, I don't know who my family is. All I hear are whispers of the girls calling me the ghost hunter daughter. Maybe they don't want us, so why should we care about them?"

"They pay good money for us to be here, this school is the finest in the UK and the most exclusive private school for girls. Why would they spend money on us but not even care to come see us? All my life I've been here, since the age of seven. I really hate it and feel suffocated. I just can't wait to leave this place and explore the outside world. Just promise you'll be there with me no matter what."

"I promise, we will take the UK by storm. Just hope father doesn't appear out of nowhere and takes me." I said.

"Take me with you, at least you have a background of what your father is. But for me, I don't have the slightest clue. It hurts so bad to not know who I really am."

I knew exactly how she felt, I was just like her. We were the two odd ones in the school. The other girls won't talk with us nor want anything to do with us. We're even isolated from the rest as if we were a hazard danger to them. The headmaster of this school was tough on us, but we always excelled in every subject. Madeleine and I were the top of our classes, from educat behavior to ballet.

Yes, everything was taught in this school. This was a place for parents to drop of their daughters to become a elegant member of society. Basically, the mom were lazy to teach their own daughters so here was the best option for them.

A knock on the door interrupted our conversation, the night guard came in with a box in his hand. "Nadia, this came for you." He said while handing me the small gift.

"Who is it fro-" I didn't get an answer from him as he left without saying another word.

"Open it." Madeleine said while coming near me.

It was a black velvet box wrapped beautifully, my hands shook as I stared at it. Who can it be from?

Unwrapping the gift open, I gasped at the crystal gem was placed in the middle of princess cut ring. "Oh my!" Madeleine said in awe.

She took the ring out while I took the note that was folded in half inside the box. I read each written line that was crafted in the most elegant handwriting I've ever seen carefully.

"Happy birthday my love, I'll be coming for you. Love~ Ricardo"

I hide the note from Madeleine who was analyzing the ring from every angle. "Your father must really love you Nadia. Look at this ring, it's so beautiful. What did he say in the note?"

I knew it wasn't from father, I've never gotten anything from him. Who the hell was Ricardo? Was he an enemy of my father or was he one of father's men?

"He said that he's coming for me."

Madeleine turned around and frowned. "Oh, so you'll be leaving me alone." She whispered sadly while handed me the ring back.

"No, you're coming with me. Where I go, you go."


I nodded my head and held out my arms for her. She was my only friend and family I knew. We only have each other, how can I leave her all alone? That's something I won't do. No matter what, I won't leave her by herself.

"I sound like a child, but I don't want to face the world alone Nadia. I'm scared, I don't know w

hat to do."

"Neither do I Madeleine, neither do I."



One week later...

"There's a problem Federo, she's willing to come with me. But she has one demand, that her friend comes with her." Ricardo said.

I had just landed in Russia with Cèsar to meet up with the mafia dom himself.

"Are you at the airport?" I asked while walking after Cèsar who entered a black BMW.

"Yes, she won't get on only if her friend comes along with her."

"Bring them both, go back to Italy and I'll meet you there. Or you know what, I would like to meet her now. Bring them both here to Russia. I'll have men pick you up from the airport as soon as you arrive."

"Very well Federo, I must say. She is a beautiful girl."

"We'll see once she arrives. I'm awaiting your arrival." I stated while entering the car.

Ending the call, I stared at Cèsar who wanted to kill me still. "I still want to beat the living shit out of you for what you did to your own brother."

"Why don't we let Leo do the honors." I smiled while looking at him.

"I'll help him too, swear to God you're more fucked up then Leo is." Cèsar declared.

His fist connected to my left cheek out of nowhere. I was going to let that slide for the sake of him being my brothers best friend.


"Not yet!" He hissed angrily.

"Boys, not now. Shall we Leave?" The driver asked while looking at through the rear view mirror.

"Drive Eric, we have a lot of talking to do with Federici." Cèsar replied back to the driver.

Cèsar knew the mafia dom Federci Demchuk, I didn't. I needed his help to take down the man whose cause my life to be a living hell. The man who cause me to hurt my own brother. The man who worked with my own father.

"So you have Salvatore Varrao daughter in your hold?"

"Yes, her name is Nadia. She's on her way here." I replied back.

"How did you know that he had a daughter?"

"I'm a ghost hunter, I know things others don't know."

"Enlighten me oh wise ghost hunter."

"You need to shut up Cèsar, it's not fun having everyone target you or label you as I am labeled. I never wanted to be this man, I was thrown into this mess by my father. All my life I've tried to make things right, to keep my family safe from harm. Even when they didn't know about their own brother their father neglected to admit as his own. I'm a sin, a maid's son. So don't fuck with me and I won't fuck with you." I shouted, causing him to raise his hands in defense.

"Geez man, you need to calm down. I bet your sexual frustrated. I can tell you are, what you need is a good puss-"

"My god you talk too much Cèsar, zip it."

"Maybe jerk off to some porn?" He chuckled while the driver barked out laughing.

"How can I take you seriously? One minute you're all tough the next your clowning around talking about.."

"Sex! The best thing in life, you grab the one you love by the ass and fuck them over while they scream out your name. Damn I miss my baby." He mumbled while pulling out his phone.

Shaking my head at his carelessness, I watched how he spoke on the phone with his wife. I tried to block him out, but he was to loud.

"I'm with Federo, still in the car. On our way to Federici's house.....ok. I promise if I see them I'll tell them you said hi. I miss you baby...why? Cause I do..what do you mean I was thinking bad God no, why would I talk about our sex life?

I'm not a pervert, I have a...what? Why are you mad? Anna, I called because I missed you. Ok, yes your right. I called because I'm horney. Happy?"

I couldn't hold in my laughter any longer. The driver joined me as we both looked over at a fuming Cèsar.

"Yes ma'am, I promise not to speak of our sex life in front of anyone. I'm not even horny anymore....nope...nothing is gonna make me feel better....ohhh you're pure evil Annabella. Ok, I'll deal with you once I get back." He chuckled happily. "I love you too, bye beautiful."

He ended the call with a big smile on his face.

"Never knew that our kind could have a family and live happily married with children." I said to him.

"Yea, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. You have to constantly look behind your back for people coming your way to harm you. Or worse, harm the ones you love. But I can't imagine my life without Annabella and the kids, and it wasn't like this, my life. I was an asshole to her, still don't know what luck I had to have her."

"That's why I will never fall in love nor will I ever get married." I stated.

He laughed and shook his head. "We'll see about that."

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