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It was nearing the end of summer and there was no contact made between Dakota and I. No calls, no texts, no letters, I wasn't completely sure if people still wrote letters. As I laid in bed I wondered where Mr.Moreau had sent him and if he was to ever come back. They still lived across the street after all. Hateful stares were exchanged between Mr.Moreau and my father each morning as they both left for work, as if they were two children on a playground who'd just got into an argument over who's turn it was to use to slide.

Mrs.Moreau on the other hand, remained idle on the whole situation. I didn't blame her, she had her own demons to battle. Part of me wanted to think that maybe she had not wanted Dakota to be sent away. My mother's attempts at coaxing me out of my room were futile but were still very much appreciated, knowing she was trying to understand.

I spent the last few days of the summer in my room, with not a bother to tell Jane or Gemma, or even Michael. I ignored any texts and incoming calls, even if it made me a bad friend to do so because each time I was about to hit the send button, I'd erase the whole text instead. I wanted to wallow in my loneliness because I didn't care anymore, about anything.

I laid in bed with my eyes closed tight, imaging the first day back at school. I'd have been standing by my locker, gathering my textbooks for first period and as I turned around, there he'd be. Smirking at me from across the hall, the way he always had. I felt a warm tear escape my eye and slide down the side of my face.

Maybe I was being over dramatic but it was life with Dakota or no life at all.

"Good morning star shine!" Gemma said with a wide smile as she swung my bedroom door open, walking in like some genie beckoned by my call or the very mention of her name. Jane trailed in not too far behind, her chin

do for you?" He said as he jotted down some notes on his clip board before looking up to meet my eyes.

"I didn't bring my gear, coach."

"No matter, there's extra in the locker room, your new jersey is in there too."

I nodded, slightly disappointed that I wasn't able to get out of practice. It'd only reminded me and I wanted to forget, or at least wanted it to hurt less. I walked into the empty locker room to find a neatly folded jersey on the bench. With a shaky hand I reached out for it and held it up in front of me. My eyes welled at the sight of seeing that big letter "C" on the left side of my jersey.

"Looks like you're captain now." Michael said from behind me. I nodded with a halfhearted smile before standing up and sliding it over my head. I'm the captain now

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