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Dark clouds rolled across the sky, pair that with scattered humid rain, it was sure to make for an exciting game. I couldn't wait for buckets of sweat to pour down my body along with hot sticky rain, I was ecstatic.

I dragged my feet against the wet pavement of the school parking lot with my black duffel bag, weighing down on my shoulder and soaking wet hair as I waited to board the bus with my teammates and we just couldn't forget to bring the cheer leaders that we desperately needed. The bus that would take us to the game we've all been waiting for, the big one.

My eyes scanned the parking lot and darted my eyes to the school's front doors, searching for Dakota who hadn't showed up yet. Everyone else was here and it was almost time to leave, I was getting nervous. If Dakota didn't show, I would have a say in the plays. But we wouldn't win this game without him, maybe I shouldn't had thought so little of the team, of myself but I felt as if I couldn't do anything without Dakota by my side. I wondered when did it become that way, maybe since the beginning of our friendship.

I was more nervous at the thought of having to see him after exchanging the "L" word with each other than him not showing up. We've said it plenty of times but it was different, that was as friends. When I heard those words he'd said time and time again, it had meant more now.

A smile crept to my lips as I remembered that night, the traces of his touch against my skin, trailing along my body that made me shiver to the core and sent tingles through out me, his hot ragged breaths between each embracing tender kiss and hearing his whispers of pleasure in my ear that made me want him all to myself and no one else. I brushed my finger tips over my lips as I closed eyes, thinking back to us that night.

When you're in love, you feel like nothing and no one else matters except for that person, you feel invincible. But at the same time, the person you love, is your kryptonite, your greatest weakness but also the one person that builds you up and makes you strong. That was how Dakota made me feel.

"Guess your boy isn't going to make it today." Alex said as he smirked walking past me, pulling me from my own world. Queenie trailed behind him, stuck to him like the leech she was. Was that too harsh? I meant like the snake she was.

She winked at me with a grin, her lips tainted that devilish tempting red, wearing her cheer leading uniform that matched her hair. Everything about her was red.

I smacked my lips after blowing her a kiss that caught her off guard, quickly wiping that smug grin right off her face. I smirked, satisfied with myself as she scurried on to the bus avoiding my stare, leaving Alex behind who looked like he had a lot to say to me. Maybe that was why Alex had become such an idiot, Queenie was sucking the life out of him and he couldn't think for himself.

"Spit it out dough boy, unless you need your friends to make up words for you." I said as he stepped closer, towering over me. I didn't stand a chance if we fought but I wasn't going to bite my tongue at words he deserved to hear solely to avoid a pummeling.

"You're pretty mouthy for a freshman, twink." He said before shoving my chest, putting distance between us. The rest of the team and cheer leaders watched from inside the bus through the windows with anticipation, waiting for me to make the next move.

"That's no way to treat your co-captain." Dakota said from behind me. My stomach flipped at the sound of his voice, he came. I turned around and to my not so very surprise, he had a smirk spread across his face.

"Get on the bus, Alex." Dakota said with a grim face as he neared closer.

"What are you doing here? You miss practice for a whole week and you think you're still captain? Bullshit." Alex said as he stepped up to Dakota, making him appear small, like a chihuahua standing up against a pitbull. The team's eyes widened from behind the bus windows, as if Alex was a peasant who had just defied a king. Before it could out of hand and potentially ruin the game for us, coach had decided only then that it would be a good time to get involved.

"Zip it Alex, now get on the bus." He said, coming from the back of the bus before blowing his whistle, that familiar sharp ring echoed in my ears, temporarily deafening me.

Alex glowered at me like a lion wanting to attack a baby gazelle as he boarded on, shoving me by the shoulder. Dakota and I smirked at each other in self satisfaction before we hopped on the bus as well, sitting right in the middle of the chaos that was going on inside. I didn't want to think of what coach was doing behind the bus, I wouldn't be surprised if he was checking it was bugged. He was convinced there w

ad ahead, keeping an eye on Michael as he ran to the end zone. But he couldn't get far before the Titan's captain Seth, blocked him, grabbing him by the helmet and throwing him down.

"What the fuck was that!?" I yelled out as I ran over to Michael. The whistle blew, stopping the game.

"That one's for your dad, Carina." Seth said before spitting on Michael.

"Fuck off." I said before shoving him. The referee blew his whistle once more before running over and giving Seth a foul but he didn't seem bothered by it as he walked away with a grin.

"You fucking prick!" I yelled out before tackling Seth to ground in one fell swoop. It wasn't long before some one jumped on me, and soon half the teams were piled up on each other. I grabbed Seth's helmet and took it off before sucker punching him in the face, feeling the bone of his cheek against my knuckles.

"Break it up!" Dakota said, looming over me, along with coach and one of the referee's, each of them had disapproving face's as they stared at me. I dropped my fist and stood up, it took some time to pull apart the other teammates from each other. Coach and the Titan's coach exchanged words with the referee. I could tell by his body language that the game was over, we wouldn't be giving a second change. And the game ended, just like that it was done.

"Nice." Queenie said with a smirk as I walked off the field. I ignored her and continued to walk to the change room with my head hung low.

"What the hell was that, De Angelis?" Alex asked me as we were in the change rooms, taking off our gear.

"Hey, you were in there too." I scoffed.

"Yeah, saving your ass!"

"Quiet down now ladies." Coach said as he walked in.

"Now, we can't win 'em all so suck it up and get changed. We roll out in t minus five minutes." He said before blowing his whistle. At least coach wasn't down my neck about costing us the game. Dakota hadn't said a word to me about it either.

As we boarded back on to the bus for the last time, I'd felt more regret than I ever had. The ride was quiet, it was complete and utter silence as we started the drive back home. I shuddered at the thought of having to tell my parents why we were back so early. I don't know what had come over me but seeing Seth spit on Michael that way, all I had seen was red from there on out, completely throwing away all the team's hard work that we put into being able to play this game.

"Don't worry about today." Dakota said before grabbing my hand and pecking the back of it. I nodded, avoiding his gaze as he ruffled my hair, unable to shake the feeling away.

I was thankful to find that my parents weren't home when I arrived. I kicked off my shoes and went straight to my room, throwing my duffel bag on the floor, wanting to throw myself as well. I opted for the bed instead, burying my face into my pillow and letting out a muffled scream of anger.

What was I thinking? Dakota was usually one to start fights, he was the hothead. And why did Seth hate Michael so much?

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