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   Chapter 73 NO.73

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Updated: 2018-01-13 03:45

The next morning, my eyes felt puffy and groggy along with having a dry coarse throat that made my morning voice deeper than usual. To my surprise Dakota had stayed the night. I don't know why it did. Some part of me thought he would leave the next morning, maybe because of all the other time's he'd left.

His arm draped over me as he snored quietly with his mouth slightly open. I chuckled to myself and ruffled his hair, pressing my lips against the tip of his nose. He stirred for a moment before slowly opening his eyes that greeted me with warm hues of deep sea green and rich brown; and for a brief second I was lost in his gaze as we lay there, staring at each other in silence exchanging smiles. I felt at ease with him, like no matter what happened we'd have each other, it was always that way but it felt different now that we were more than just friends.

Dakota buried his face into my shoulder, wrapping his arms around my waist before I heard knocking at my door.

"Luka, are you awake?" My moms voice muffled from the other side. Dakota and I jumped away from each other and I landed on the floor with a loud thud before I felt a sheering pain shoot up my spine.

I groaned, grabbing my back, only just realizing that I was shirtless. I panicked for a moment, da

that maybe he did have a problem hit me, it shook me to my core and was lost in the thought. I tried to convince myself that it was normal teenage behaviour, every teenager likes to party. Is alcoholism genetic?

Dakota moved closer to me, resting his head on my lap and gave me his usual puppy dog eyed look that he put on whenever he wanted something. I averted my eyes, looking at the closest thing next to me, pretending to give a rats ass about the white lamp that stood on my nightstand.

"Fine, we don't have to go." Dakota sighed. I let out a sigh of relief and leaned my head against the wall. Maybe I'm having a good impact on him.

"One problem." He mumbled. I raised a questionable brow at him with a glare in my eyes.

"The party is at my house."

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