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   Chapter 72 NO.72

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A/N Fair warning, it's a little rated R! So if you're not up for reading that I'd skip the last bit.

"Moreau, De Angelis." Coach said, walking onto the dewy green field and motioning for us.

"Hey coach, what's up?" I asked as Dakota jogged over to join us.

"You're both my best players, always will be. I don't care if you're a fucking unicorn okay? I don't want to get all sappy so go kick some ass." He patted our backs and we went jogging back on the field with huge grins. After setting up the play we hurdled together, gathering our hands in the middle and throwing them up with a loud cheer.

I could feel my heart pounding against my chest as I kneeled down on one knee, feeling the wet grass beneath me. Tiny drops of rain were coming down on me, streaking across my skin.

I was nervous from the pressure to win and having to hide Dakota and I's relationship from our parents who were sat in the stands. I all but prayed that no one would stir up any trouble in front of them and eyed Queenie from the sidelines as she and the others cheered us on. If anyone was to tell our parents, it would be her.

Nearing the end of the game, we needed one more touchdown to win, reminding me of our last game and giving me dejavu. Only this time I wasn't going to miss the ball, I wouldn't. Tonight is going to be different, I can feel it.

I looked behind my shoulder and watched the ball snap before Dakota caught it. His eyes wandered all over the field before he looked at me from across the field with a grin, winking. I watched as the ball soared, hearing the crowd cheer as I sprinted towards the end zone. I leaped up, catching the ball in my arms as I crossed over the line.

The crowd cheered louder and my teammates rushed over to congratulate me as the opponents walked off the field in defeat. Even Alex was cheering me on. Dakota ran up to me, picking me up by my waist as he cheered along with the others. He put me down and I pulled him into a long hug. His cheeks were rosy and his smile made me want to take off my helmet and kiss him but I knew I couldn't. I felt a small tinge of unhappiness in the midst of everything going on around me, that I couldn't touch him. Gemma screamed my name from the stands pulling my from my tho

ft. Each one making me shudder more than the last, leaving me gasping for air. I could feel myself getting closer to climax as his mouth took me in whole and gripped onto my waist as his head bobbed up and down. My legs twitched and my grip on his hair was tight as his fingertips dug deep into the skin of my hips.

My legs buckled feeling the warmth of his mouth and hearing each breath in sync with mine.

"Dakota." I moaned breathlessly as I arched my back in pleasure. My load exploded, leaving me in a daze of euphoria and my body felt completely numb, in a different way, something I've never experienced before. I laid on my back, catching my breath as Dakota stood up licking his lips and wiping his mouth.

"That was a lot more than I expected." He chuckled and threw himself beside me. I covered my face feeling somewhat embarrassed and I quickly sat up to grab my pants and drawers, sliding them on.

I cursed at myself as I continued to be embarrassed as I laid down beside him. I just shot an entire load into my best friends mouth and he took it, all of it. I turned on my side to face Dakota. His hazel eyes gleamed in the moon light and I could see the faint outline of his face.

"So when's my turn?" He said with a smirk. I chuckled and shoved his face, draping my arm over him before closing my eyes.

A/N Don't forget to vote, comment and tell me what you think! I know this chapter was a little risky but I've never written a scene like this and wanted to give it a shot.

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