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   Chapter 71 NO.71

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I sat on the back porch of Dakota's house with him beside me, watching my parents and his chat like old times. Mrs. Moreau looked well, compared to the last time I had seen her. My mom and her were talking with smiles on their faces and Mrs. Moreau looked like she was on verge of happy tears. My dad spared me the lectures and had opted to help Mr. Moreau with the BBQ, the smells made my mouth water.

"How's your mom?" I asked Dakota.

"She's getting better." Dakota said solemnly, but by the expression on his face it seemed he still had some anger towards her.

"I nearly laughed in my moms face when she told me we were coming over for a BBQ." I said to him with a chuckle, hoping to cheer him up from whatever was bugging him.

"I guess the two of them patched things up." He said as he looked over at them.

I nodded, but I knew he wasn't telling me something and seemed off. I brushed my hand against his, giving him silent comfort although I didn't fully know what was bothering him. He turned to look at me and smiled, the kind that made me do a double take, wanting to do nothing but grab his face and kiss him in front of everybody.

But I was smart enough not to do that.

My dad and Mr.Moreau had finished grilling the meat and we dug in as we sat on the patio, the savory flavors swirled in my mouth and I let out a groan of satisfaction. Dakota smirked and rubbed my thigh underneath the table making me jolt, gaining questionable stares from our parents.

"Everything okay, son?" Mr.Moreau asked with a arched brow.

"It's just really good." I let out a nervous chuckle, kicking Dakota's foot with my own. He bit his lip, suppressing a laugh.

"I'd just like to make a toast to my best friend, for doing so great." My mom lifted up her glass of wine with a proud smile. We clinked out glass

ut at the same time it felt like we were in a different world. Bubbles of air escaped from our mouths as they moved in sync.

I couldn't hold my breath any longer and swam up for a breather. Dakota emerged from the water with a grin on his face, pushing back his ash brown hair that looked almost as black as mine, now that it was wet. I chuckled splashing him, and started swimming away. As I was getting out of the pool, he pulled me back in by my waist, pushing me under the water, kissing me once more with a hand snaked around my neck.

We swam back up, gasping for breaths of air. I chuckled and moved closer to him, his features glistened against the sun as water droplets slid down his freckled skin.

"Time to go son." My dads voice made me jump and I whipped my head around. He was standing on the back deck, with his arms crossed.

"Coming." I quickly got out of the pool and waved to Dakota as he continue swim, winking at me with a grin.

On the walk home I glanced at my dad, wondering if he had seen the two of us under the water. But as soon as we got home he went straight to his office without a word. I took that as he hadn't.

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