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A/N This chapter is a little PG I'm afraid, a little warning. Also thank you for 800 reads!

My phone had been ringing off the hook all morning, but I rejected each one, knowing it was Dakota. He'd been calling since yesterday, and I didn't have the stomach to listen to his excuses. I was tired of trying to figure out what we were and I couldn't wait forever for Dakota to decide on what he wants us to be. After all, he was still with Eva, and I couldn't handle seeing that. It would stir up emotions that I didn't want to deal with.

By Friday, we will forget this ever happened and try to continue being friends. I chose to turn off my phone after what sounded like the thousandth ring and covered my head with my blankets, closing my eyes. I wanted nothing more than to hide from the world.

I managed to sleep almost half the day away as I peeked out from under the blankets, my eyes had still felt groggy, and I looked at the clock that sat on my nightstand.

Almost 5 o'clock. That's around the time..

I heard the doorbell ring and could hear my mom getting up to answer it.

"Luka! Dakota is here." She called from the front door.

"Let yourself in Hun, but he has a fever so you'll have to be careful." I could hear her say from my room.

"Yes Mrs.De Angelis." I could hear footsteps and the door knob rattle before it swung open.

"Hey." Dakota said, walking into my room without knocking. I sat up in bed but didn't say a word.

"Coach assigned you co-captain." He smiled, like everything was okay now. I scoffed

"That makes things better." I chuckled sarcastically.

"I'm sorry, okay. How many times do I have to say it?" He came over to my bed and sat on the edge of it.

"I broke up with Eva."


"Ask anyone."

"So what do you want?"

"I want.." He paused for a momen

Next time we're renting a hotel.

My mom decided to lay off on fawning all over Dakota, probably fearing that she wouldn't see him again. It had been some time since he was here, our friendship has been a roller coaster lately. I only pray that Dakota really did break up with Eva this time, wouldn't it be considered cheating?

"How is your fever Hun?" My mom asked me, breaking the silence.

"My what?"

"Your fever? How is it?"

"Oh I feel, a bit hot."

"I'll have to run to the pharmacy later." She tutted.

I looked down at my plate and poked at my food. Thinking back, he already had cheated on her, with me.

"So I'll pick you up tomorrow?" Dakota asked climbing out my bedroom window.


"Alright." He said, his picture perfect smile making an appearance. He leaned in over the window and pressed his lips against mine. My lips lingered on his, wanting to pull him back inside to finish what my mom had interrupted.

"Bye." He waved walking away from me.

There he goes, I thought. Reeling me back in.

A/N I've added a cast and I know Froy doesn't have hazel eyes but lets pretend he does. Anyway, please vote and comment telling me what you think :) it motivates me a lot!

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