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   Chapter 64 NO.64

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On Monday I couldn't find Dakota anywhere, not even in the halls. I sat in defeat on the bleachers at lunch. I realize that friends don't always have to talk to each other but it's been that way with Dakota and I since we were kids. High school is big and different, and it makes people drift away no matter how close you were.

Is Dakota afraid to be with me because of our friendship or is he afraid what others will think if the golden boy decides to date his best friend. Stuff like that never mattered to us until recently it seems. He's so afraid of what others think of him, and his perfect family with their perfect life. No one is perfect and everyone has faults. It's a human characteristic.

"God you look miserable." Jane said as she sat beside me.

"It's depressing."

"I'm as happy as can be." I said and shoved a handful of chips in my mouth.

"Seems Dakota is moving on fast." She nodded towards the other side of the field to Dakota and Eva, sucking face once again. And I swear from a far it looked as if he glanced at me, dead in the eye while with Eva.

"Right." I said and threw away the rest of my lunch. I stood up and started walking over to him. I don't know what I was going to say or do for that matter, I just knew we need to talk and I needed

. My head was filled with endless questions of what was going on inside of his.

I decided to use the front door this time, ready for any snide comment my mom had prepared.

"How was school, hun." She looked up at me from her knitting.


"Where's Dakota, he hasn't been around much recently."

"He has a girlfriend so he's busy." I said solemnly before shutting my bedroom door.

I didn't bother changing out of my uniform as I laid in bed. Dakota needs time to figure things out. This whole time he could've been figuring things out but he ultimately chose to push it aside and get a girl. It bothered me to think that even after telling each other we had feelings, he chose to ignore it. It made me think what kind of person he really was and if I even knew him like I thought I did.

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