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   Chapter 63 NO.63

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"Party tonight. Coming?" Gemma asked me as we exited the school along with Jane. I've been hanging out with them more often due to not talking to Dakota. We haven't spoken since Monday after confessing to each other. More or less was because we didn't know what to say. I thought it'd be more of a stepping stone for us to figure out what we want. But it felt

Like we took two steps back instead.


"You'll need it after seeing that." Jane scoffed as we walked by Dakota and Eva sucking face. I rolled my eyes. Even after the talk we had, he continued to date her. It was like he made out with her in front of me intentionally because every time I'd see them, I'd catch Dakota glancing at me.

I don't know what he's thinking. I hardly know what I'm thinking. I can't piece together why he continues to ignore me even after confessing. We were never the type to talk through things. Forgive and forget, that's how it's been.

I decided that I did need it, and although I was nervous going out without Dakota I had Gemma, and Jane. The place was filled with neon colours and a black light shone through out the house. Glowing faces and sticks were all over the place.

The downside to this party was that Alex was hosting tonight and I instantly regretted agreeing to come when I heard. I knew Dakota would be here with Eva. It was a full house but I'm bound to bump into him sooner or later.

"Maybe he won't be here?" Jane said with a hopeful smile, almost as if she knew what I was already thinking. Dakota not coming to a party? When hell freezes over.

I think I have a feeling that by now Jane knows there's something more between me and Dakota. I don't know how but she's got it all figured out. I'm beginning to think she has me figured out to a tee.

"You guys are still fighting? You're worse th


"I don't know what to feel."

"Sorry about Eva, I don't know why I'm with her. I don't even like her."

"You can't use people Kota."

"You're one to talk."

"What do you mean?"

"You and Gemma."

"We're just friends."

"So are we and we don't do normal friend things.." Dakota said, hinting at the nights we shared. I hesitated to speak, scared of what would come out.

"I should get back to the party." He said and stood up, dusting himself off. I laid still and looked up at the sky, hearing the foot steps of him walk away. I closed my eyes and stayed there til morning, waiting for whatever was in my system to wear off before walking home.

I saw people getting ready for work on my way home, leaving their houses and into their cars with hot cups of joe in their hands. They looked miserable, unsatisfied with where they were in life. Is what the future will be like? I thought. What happens after high school football? And do I even want to play it in the future.

As I covered myself in my blankets, I decided to get past this, whatever it was, with Dakota. It was time to push any pride that I had aside, and apologize tomorrow.

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