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   Chapter 59 NO.59

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"I still can't believe you almost slept with Queenie." I said before taking a bite of my sandwich. The hot sun was high and there was absolutely no place to get away from it's heat seeing as the cafeteria was packed.

"In my defence, I thought you slept with Gemma." He shrugged.

"Why would you believe anything that snake says."

"I was drunk."

"Great excuse."

Neither I or Dakota had mentioned what happened over the weekend. Nothing about Queenie or about the kissing session at his place. What was to say? Hey can you forgive me for kissing you? I'm wasn't up the awkward tension that was to follow.

Dakota and I have always just kind of made up in silence, hell in seconds without talking about it. We had a sweep it under the rug sort of friendship.

"Hey boys, that was a pretty wild party last weekend." Queenie came walking up to us in her red cheer leading uniform. I was starting to think she had super hearing, because she always showed up on cue.

"Get lost Queenie." I sneered, wanting nothing but to be far away from her.

"That's not nice." She pouted and sat down beside us, ignoring what I'd just said. This girl obviously doesn't know the meaning of get lost.

"Just let us eat in piece." Dakota smiled curtly.

"What, are two boyfriends now?" She taunted with a wide white smile.

"Yes, actually." Dakota smirked and I chuckled, only wishing it were true.

"Whatever, I knew you two were gay." Queenie scoffed, stomping away after ward.

"That's a one way to get rid of a girl."

"It worked didn't it?"

I can't say I wish I never met Queenie because I had also met Gemma and even though the beginning of our friendship was a little bumpy, it turned out okay. They were a package until Gemma has the courage to stand up to her. I watched Queenie from across the field, whispering to her other minion cheer leaders. I don't think that's the last we'll hear from her.

beside me, still in her cheer leading uniform, does she ever take it off is a mystery.

"I hear a snake."

"Whatever. Look, let's just give this little game up already. You, me it's a given." She clutched onto my arm with slender fingers and pale skin. Her looks would bewitch anyone.

"Queenie." I smiled and grabbed her by the hands, clasping them together. She looked at me with hopefulness in her eyes.

"I'll never date you, ever. You know why? You're not a very nice girl. And what ever game you think I'm playing, is over. It had never started to begin with. So please for the love of god, listen to me when I say, fuck off."

There was no hesitation when her hand came raining down on my face. I could almost hear the echo of the impact in the empty field. My cheek was stinging and I groaned, bringing up a hand to rub it.

Without another word Queenie stood up, and even though my face still felt like fire, I watched her walk away with a huge grin plastered on my face, content and confident that this time I'd definitely be no longer hearing from Queenie.

"That was quite a show." Dakota came walking up to me, joining me on the bleachers. I sighed, satisfied with myself.

Today was a success indeed.

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