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"How's school?" My dad asked me as soon as I sat down at the table with my bowl of cereal.

He's rarely ever here but when he is our conversations somehow turn into arguments. His way of talking to me was to criticize me and tell me everything I was doing wrong in life. I'm thankful that's he's so busy most of the time that I barely see him, I relish in those times.

"Fine." I said sharply, not looking in his direction.

"Fine?" He asked me looking up from his phone for a moment.

"Fine isn't good enough son." I didn't say anything and continued to eat.

"Are you listening? You need to work hard, push yourself! And why didn't you try out for quarterback this year?"

"Didn't want to."

His face was getting red and I could sense that my simple answers were pissing him off. The doorbell rang just as he was getting ready to yell and I hurriedly stood up to answer it.

"Hey, I brought over some games." Dakota greeted me with a smile.

"Do you think we can head over to your place?" I asked already walking out the door.

"Um.. sure."

"Thanks, you just saved me from a blood bath." I chuckled.

My dad wasn't always that way, one day he just changed and we stopped talking. I guess he got so caught up in his job that he forgot how to talk to me without making it about my goals and future. That stuff is important to me but I miss the way it used to be. He was always on my team when mom would compare me to Dakota, always cheering me on, telling me no matter what mom says, I'm just as good. Now they're both the same.

Dakota slowly opened the front door of his house and let me in first. The house was just as I remembered. Clean, modern and quiet.

"My dad is at work and my mom is in her room." Dakota said, looking rather nervous.

"What's wrong?" I asked as we walked straight to his room.

"Nothing." He shook his head as he sat on the edge of his bed.

"So anyway, why did you want to come over? Won't your mom get mad?" He quickly changed the subject before I could ask more questions.

"My dad was about to go haywire

hest and down to my thigh, his soft skin made my entire body quake.

"Luka!" I heard the front door open, immediately recognizing my moms voice. I jumped away from Dakota just in time before she swung the bedroom door open.

"Out of here, right now." She said harshly. Her eyes were red and she was practically foaming at the mouth.

"Jesus." I got up from the bed and started walking home, not bothering to wait for her.

"I told you, you were not allowed over there anymore." Mom said from behind me as we walked into the house. I turned around to face her and we nearly bumped into each other.

"Whatever problems you have with Mrs.Moreau, doesn't have anything to do with me or Dakota. So don't pretend that you're looking out for me." I walked away and slammed my bedroom door shut. I laid down in my bed with my face buried in my pillow I let out a muffled scream.

That was a close one, I don't know what would have happened if she caught us. Probably forbid me from being friends with Dakota.

I began thinking back to the moments of him and I before my mom interrupted. It filled my with adrenaline knowing we were doing something we weren't supposed to. But now what were we going to do? Pretend that we never kissed again, for what felt like the hundredth time?

I just don't want to lose what we've got.

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