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   Chapter 52 NO.52

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My head pounded as I got up off the floor of the bathroom. The first thing I smelled was vomit and it made me feel nauseated in an instant. What happened last night? I rubbed my temples and groaned in agony. I'm never drinking again.

My mouth was dryer than a desert and demanded water. I clutched onto the toilet seat and used it as a crutch to stand up. My headache only got worse as I did so. I turned on the faucet, filling my hands with water. I splashed my face, hoping it would take away the ickiness that I felt. I looked up at myself in the mirror.

Hickeys? Why do I have..

Flashbacks of lastnight replayed in my mind. Dakota's lips on mine and my hands were all over him. No, we didn't. I looked back at the hickeys again. No, these had to have been made by some girl at the party last night. I remember making out with someone one there.

I ran a hand across my face and groaned, realizing what had almost happened. I almost slept with my best friend last night, who is more than likely still in my bed, passed out.

I turned around and looked at the door handle, as if opening it would end my life. Maybe if I can climb out the window, I can wait for him to l

good time." He motioned towards my love bites. I forced a chuckle, hoping it sounded at the very least somewhat normal. Does he not remember anything from last night?

"Yeah, I had to carry your drunk ass here." I shoved his head and sat on my computer chair continuing to stare at him. Waiting and wondering if that will refresh his memory.

"Really? I must've blacked out pretty hard." He rubbed his eyes and yawned. My heart dropped in both thankfulness and disappointment. I chuckled to myself. Of course he doesn't remember.

It's better if I keep quiet about it. If he doesn't remember, then he doesn't remember which is a good thing. And I for one want to forget that night. Why ruin a friendship over one drunken mistake?

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