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The Football Boys By BenRyans Characters: 9637

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my story! The beginning is somewhat boring but I promise it's full of drama and love and all that other teen stuff.

"I don't know about this Dakota." I said as we climbed out of my bedroom window. My feet landed softly on the grass without a sound.

"This is our first high school party. We have to go! It's a must." Dakota chuckled and ruffled my jet black hair. He always talks me into stupid things.

"Okay, but what if my mom checks on us and we're not there." I said, desperately wanting to climb back into the safe haven that was my room.

"It's too late for that. I promise you. This is going to be good. Fine girls will be all over you." He smirked.

"You better be right." I chuckled and shoved him playfully. We walked down the dark empty street. It had to have been past midnight. I looked around, paranoid that I'd find my mom chasing after us.

The party was only a couple streets over from my house, you can imagine my paranoia. At the same time I felt this sort of rush of adrenaline from sneaking out. I get it every time Dakota convinces me to do something like this. It's always been this way for us. For me.

We made it to the party and made our way inside the big brick mansion that was blaring upbeat music you could hear from a block away. It was full of freshman wannabes like myself, but mainly juniors, seniors and sophomores.

"Some spoil brat must live here." Dakota nudged me. I chuckled nervously, the huge crowd was putting my nerves on edge, mix that with paranoia and you can imagine how I felt.

"Hey, you're Dakota Moreau right?" A tall burly blonde came staggering up to us amidst the sea of bodies. His breath reeked of alcohol and I coughed at the stench of it.

"Yeah." Dakota grinned hard, as if it was some honor to be recognized by a senior. I rolled my eyes in annoyance. I could already tell how this night was going to go.

"I've seen you at practice. You have a hell of a throw man. You'll definitely make the team this year." He gave Dakota a firm pat on the back with his meat hooks. Was he even a senior? He looks way too old to be in high school.

"I know I will." Dakota grinned. He grinned because he knew he was good at football and he wasn't shy about it. He's always been good. Hell, Dakota and I learned to play before we learned how to walk. Name any sport and he was good at it.

"Here have some shots." The guy handed us two glasses filled with a clear liquid.

"Thanks man." Dakota clinked his glass against mine and took it in one go. I hesitantly took a swig of the disgusting drink. My throat burned and I wanted to barf it up instantly. And people like drinking this stuff.

"First shots as freshmen! This year's already going great." Dakota grabbed my shoulder. I finished coughing my lungs out and gave him a half hearted smile, wanting to tail it

ff mid sentence. My drunk state didn't care to register what was going on but at the same time I was sober enough to know that I liked what was happening.

I ran a hand through his ashy dark hair and gently caressed his bottom lip with my tongue. Why are we doing this? We're best friends. My sober mind was battling with my drunk mind and I didn't know which one to listen to.

Dakota slid his hand up the back of my shirt, breathing hard as he moved his lips with mine. With a heavy pounding heart I reached for his pants with a shaky hand.

His tongue was grazing mine, going in and out of my mouth, making my body tingle. My cheeks felt hot and my skin sweaty as I unbuttoned his pants, hesitantly sliding my hand down his trousers.

"Luka." He moaned softly into the nape of my neck, sending chills down my spine. My member ached in pleasure. He cupped the side of my face, looking into my eyes with his beautiful hazel pairs. It was in this moment that I realized just how attractive he truly was. The way his eyes looked at me, it was like I was looking at a completely different person. Realizing how perfectly shaped his facial features were, his hair flowed and the way he bit his lip looking at mine. Dakota leaned in closer to me, slipping his tongue into my mouth once more. I could feel the heat from his face and my own. He put his teeth against the skin of my neck and bit down and I let out a small gasp, letting myself get momentarily lost in us.

This isn't right, is it? I should stop.

"I can't." I mumbled removing my hand from his pants.


I got off the bed in a hurry and ran to the bathroom almost stumbling to the floor. I hurled nearly missing the toilet, clutching onto it for dear life. I laid on the floor with closed eyes and let myself drift off into a deep sleep.

This wasn't how I thought the night would go.

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