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   Chapter 48 NO.48

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Updated: 2018-01-03 16:19

A/N I've finally decided to give the parents names. Don't hesitate to ask if the names confuse you. Also so sorry it took long for me to update! Forgive me!

Then next morning was a blur, a fog and no matter how many times I rubbed my eyes it wouldn't go away. The reality that I would no longer see Dakota didn't compute and I found myself wishing it was something I had dreamed. My stomach felt empty and my body felt cold and numb to my surroundings. But I could hear the faint sound of my fathers voice from the living room, his tone carried a hint of frustration.

"You can't do this to them."

What did he say?

I scrambled out of bed, throwing the covers off of me and running to the door, opening it a crack to see my dad pacing in the living room with his phone pressed to his ear.

"This isn't right, Tony."

My heart pounded

yes and mouth. As my eyes read hers, I could see the remorse that they held. The realization that I had never taken the time to look at my mother, to actually see her and how much she's gracefully aged.

"Sorry." She muttered through each shaky breath before hanging her head down low, averting her eyes from mine. I wrapped my arms around her tiny frame, nearly smothering her and I never realized how close I was to being bigger than her. I didn't take her actions as self pity, because I knew it was genuine.

A/N sorry it's short but I wanted to update.

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