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   Chapter 46 NO.46

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A/N sorry i have been away for so long. i have been really busy with university.

I let out a groan of frustration after what had to have been my hundredth attempt of trying to squeeze my foot into one of my Football cleats.

"I can't fit them." I muttered to myself in disbelief. I stood up from the middle of my bedroom floor and walked to my mirror, staring at my reflection. My birthday hadn't been that long ago, could I had grown that fast?

I ran a hand across my jawline, turning my head from side to side. I appeared to look the same. I sighed and turned away from the mirror, picking up my cleat and shoving it on. It was a tight fit but would have to do.

"Ready?" Dakota asked as he stood outside the front door of my house. I nodded and swung my duffel bag over my shoulder, following him out to his fathers' car.

It was the last day of camp and I was more than excited to say the least, to get away from coach. All summer he had gone on about a mole within the team, the usual crap he had spit out time and time again whilst in school.

"You're quiet today." Dakota said as he sat beside me in the back seat.

"I think I grew." I said sternly.

"Me too." He exclaimed in a hushed whisper, as if it was something to be celebrated. Perhaps it was.


"Yeah, my gear just doesn't sit right in certain areas." He said as he wiggled his eyebrows with a grin. I chuckled before shaking my head and shoving him with my shoulder, knowing at what he was getting at.

"Have a good one boys! And don't forget tonight we're having a dinner at Luka's!" Mr.Moreau said over his shoulder as Dakota and I hopped out of the stuffy backseat.

"I was thinking about tonight." Dakota said as we stood on the sidelines.

"Yeah?" I asked with an arched brow, wondering what he was getting at.

"I think we should tell them." He said as he stared at me, the slightest hint of apprehension in his voice. I let out a deep sigh, followed by a nervous chuckle.

"I don't know." I said with a shrug, not entirely sure if it was a good idea. I could tell from the look in his eyes, he was hurt. He wanted so desperately to tell our parents. Things were going well for me, my parents were no longer hard on me, my mother had almost completely changed and I didn't want anything to ruin that, as selfish as it sounded. But maybe, it was time.

"Alright, tonight then." I said with a smile, placing a reassu

avy and I wanted to run, I wasn't ready.

"Luka and I, have something to say." He said as he reached for my hand. My heart felt as if it was going a mile a minute and at any moment it'd jump out of my chest as our parents stared in confusion at out hands.

"D-Dakota and I are-" I said with a stutter, the rest of the words were stuck in my throat and no matter how hard I tried they wouldn't come out.

"Together." Dakota said as he squeezed my hand.

It was quiet, not a single word from any one of our parents. I stared at my empty plate, I didn't have the courage to look them in the eyes. I wanted them to say something, anything to break the tension filled silence in the room.

"I think we should go." Mr.Moreau said as stood up.

"No." Dakota said as he remained seated.

"Tell us what you think."

"I think this is a bad joke, now let's go." Mr.Moreau said firmly.

"It isn't a joke. I-I love Luka and we're together." He said as he turned to me with a smile.

"That's enough!" Mr.Moreau stormed over to the two of us before yanking Dakota away from me, dragging him out by his forearm.

"Son, what is going on?" My father asked, his voice filled with hurt.

"I-I want to be with Dakota."

My mom suddenly burst into tears as the words left my lips, and it wasn't long before she stormed up the stairs in a hurry.

"We will talk about this tomorrow." My dad said before standing up and retreating to his room to join my mom.

What's going to happen now?

A/N vote comment and tell me what you think! It's short I know but I will add more to it later so check back for updates!

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