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   Chapter 44 NO.44

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I stared up at the cloudless blue sky above me through my sunglasses that tinted the scenery a deep purple as I swung in the canopy behind Dakota's house. My arms laid above my head as he laid by my side, doing the same. In the distance I could hear the chatter of my parents, exchanging smiles and laughter as they sat on the patio with Mr. and Mrs. Moreau, picking at a platter of crackers and assorted cheeses, no wine.

"It's you and me, all summer." Dakota said in a hushed voice but we were far enough for our parents not to hear.

I chuckled. "What exactly will we be doing?"

"I have a few things planned." He whispered in my ear as he turned on his side before twirling a lock of my dark hair with his index finger. My eyes darted to our parents in hopes they were not looking to see us so close to each other.

"I was thinking since it's your birthday soon, you could spend the night." Dakota said as he bit his lip and I immediately knew he what he was hinting at. The blood rose to my cheeks, turning them a sheer red at the image of Dakota and I spending the night together, so to put it. Dakota and I had done plenty together but this was entirely different and nothing compared to -spending the night together.

"I-I don't know." I said, averting my eyes from his, looking at the tree nearby instead. The smallest of squirrels was sat on one of the many branches, holding a chestnut to his chest as his beady black eyes stared down at me, as if judging me for my sins.

Stupid squirrel.

"I don't want to force you or anything.. if you don't want to, that's fine." Dakota said in a soft voice as he subtly brushed his hand over mine, extending his arms as if to stretch.

"Okay." I said as I nodded a little too fast, making it obvious the suggestion made me anxious. Wasn't he?

But he did know more than I. And I wasn't entirely sure if Dakota was- deflowered or not from the amount of times I'd seen him at a party with a different girl. If it was true, part of me felt jealous that I wasn't his first.

"Boys, dinner!"

The relationship between my parents and Dakota's parents carried on as normal as it could possibly get. But I still wondered how Mrs.Moreau was coping. Dakota hadn't mentioned anything and I wasn't sure if it was right to ask, so I remained quiet on the subject.

I sat on the end of the table with Dakota and my mother on either side of me as my dad sat on the other end, along with Dakota's parents.

It was Mr.Moreau's signature dish, as he called it, grilled chicken and veggies with rice on the side.

"Mr.Hugh mentioned that he was at your last game, boys." My father said in a solemn voice and my eyes widened in fear as they darted to Dakota who looked just as petrified as I did.

He knew.

Mr.Hugh attended the game, seen the kiss and told

exchanging smiles and a high five. I ignored it and passed it off, idiots tend to stick together.

Before I knew it, training was over in little to no time, all that sweat and adolescent angst really sent time flying.

"You're coming over tonight right?" Dakota asked as we waited for his dad to pick us up, the eagerness in eyes was too obvious.

"Yes." I said as I averted my eyes from his and stared at the ground instead, chewing on the bottom of my lip.

I was quiet on the drive to Dakota's, unable to focus on anything except the thoughts in my mind. I hadn't the first clue on how to have sex, where was I supposed to put my hands? Was I too keep my eyes opened or closed?

I sighed deeply before rubbing my temple. I hadn't need to worry, whatever happened, would.

"Alright boys, pizza?" Mr.Moreau asked as he picked up the phone off the counter. I nodded, not entirely paying attention, I was too focused on Dakota who was sat beside me. My eyes roamed his body, wondering.

I counted down the minutes, seconds until it was time to sleep, or rather until Mr.Moreau and Mrs.Moreau would be. It seemed endless until the time came as I preoccupied myself with television and video games as I sat on the edge of Dakota's bed. The door opened and Dakota crept inside before closing the door behind him.

"My parents are asleep." Dakota said in a hushed voice as he sat beside me, pushing back the hair from that lay in front of my eyes, making my heart race.

"Dakota I don't think we should." I said as I stood up.

"Alright well.. we can find other things to do." Dakota said with a grin as he stood beside me, snaking a hand around my waist.

"Like what?" I asked as I ran a hand through his soft chestnut hair.

"Video games." He said as he picked up a black controller off his bedside table.

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