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Ps I rewrote a portion of the last chapter. I didn't like the fact that I wrote Jane as driving. I would re-read that bit because I introduced a new character.

The following days past by in a hazy blur until the night of homecoming. Dakota and I had decided it was tonight that we would tell our parent's about our relationship. My heart pounded at the very thought of it. It terrified me and I constantly found myself second guessing the decision. As much as I tried not to care about what my mom thought of me, I did, a lot. She was my mom after all but with this new found mother Theresa image of hers, I was worried she would revert back to her old self after learning about what I'd been doing lately.

But the thought that scared me the most was being separated from Dakota.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror as I tied my bow with nimble fingers as a deep sigh escaped from lip, the worry was apparent on my creased face. I swung my black blazer over my shoulder and slid my arms through, flattening the lapels afterwards.

Tonight would be life changing.

"Don't you look dashing." Dakota said as he entered my room, closing the door behind him. He walked towards me, a smirk on his lip with a hand behind his back before revealing a small bouquet of red roses. A smile crept to my lips as I reached out for them, bringing them up to my nose and taking in their scent. Dakota moved closer to me before pecking the corner of my mouth tenderly, lingering for a moment as he stared at my lips.

"Our dates will be here soon." I said jokingly, stepping away from him and walking to my nightstand, setting the flowers down. I would have to wait until tonight to put them water. A bit odd for best friends to be bringing each other flowers. Dakota pouted, his bottom lip curled downward as I turned around.

"Don't worry. It won't be this way forever." I said as I walked up to him before ruffling his brown golden hair.

"Hello, date." Gemma said after I opened the front door, letting her inside with Jane trailing behind her, both stunning as ever.

"You know, Gemma you don't have to keep saying it that way." I said with a chuckle.

"I know but it's fun teasing Dakota." She said as she winked at him. He'd already had a scowl on his face as she squeezed his cheek.

"You both look lovely." My Mom said coming from the living room with a camera in her hand. I stared at it, terrified as if it would end my life.

"Pictures before you leave." She said with smiling eyes, making them crinkle at the corners. Gemma grabbed me by the arm, tugging me into the living room with Jane and Dakota awkwardly trailing along behind us.

We huddled together and I had only wished I was standing beside Dakota instead as I stole a glance at him from the corner of my eye.

I put on a fake smile as I stared into the full camera lens and wondered when it was that my mom had changed her mind on the topic of girls. It came as a shock seeing her happy about me being around Gemma.

"One more." My mom said as the camera flashed for what felt like the millionth time.

"Have fun!" She said as we walked out the front door, ushering the rest before she could take any more pictures.

Jane's father, James, was waiting outside, waving from the front seat with a smile on his face.

"I'm afraid it's a little packed." He said as he gestured to the back seat where Michael and a dark curly haired boy that I hadn't recognized, were sitting

We crammed in the back seat like a coup

here." Jane said as she walked up the steps and sat beside Gemma. Gemma smiled softly before her smile turned into a pour and hot streaks of tears rolled down her face as Jane pulled her into a tight embrace.

"We're going to go." I mouthed to Jane and she nodded as she stroked the top of Gemma's head.

The journey home was quiet, both knowing what the other was thinking -it was a question of whether we would go through with the plan or if tonight's events were enough excitement for the night. All the way home, I couldn't shake Seth's word's from my mind and it made me wonder what exactly happened between the two of them and if Dakota and I would end up that way, separated.

"We don't have to do it tonight." Dakota said as we came to a stop in front of his house. I nodded, partially relieved.

"Want to come inside?" He asked looking at me with a coy smile.

"I want to but my mom.." I said glancing over at my house from across the street.

"See ya tomorrow." He said before quickly pecking the apple of my cheek. My eyes widened and I only hoped none of our parents had decided that tonight they would spontaneously look out the window.

"I'm going to get you back for that." I said with a grin as I began to walk away, staring back at him. He winked at me with a smirk before opening the front door to his house and disappearing inside. I sighed as I crossed the street feeling some what disappointing in myself for not sticking to the plan but what if I was right and Dakota and I did tell our parents. They would separate us, send us away. I shook my head, no. As evil as my mom was, she wouldn't do that, right?

"How was the dance?" My mom asked from the sofa as I kicked off my shoes and loosened my tie.

"Great." I said as I walked in the living room.

"That's great hun, great." She said with a smile on her face before turning her attention back to the T.V screen. I lingered for a moment and opened my mouth to speak, all I had to do was say it, spit it out. My breathing became ragged, as if I'd just run a marathon as the words were caught in my throat. I bit my tongue and turned around, walking to my room with a heavy pounding heart. I closed the door shut behind me, pressing my back against it as I struggled to catch my breath. I brought my hands up to my face before rubbing my eyes. I couldn't do it.

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