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A/N please give Victorian Boy a read by AudreyHornesHeart and comment BenRyans sent you! I will love you unconditionally! It is currently my favourite and the author is an amazing writer!

I woke to a loud knock Saturday morning at my front door, so loud I could hear it from my bedroom. I groaned as I sat up, rubbing my eyes roughly in an attempt to fully wake myself up. I had wanted to sleep in, knowing I had to meet Jane and Gemma later that day. But was awoken from whomever was at the door.

"Hi Mrs. De Angelis." The sound of Dakota's voice travelled to my bedroom perfectly for me to hear. I let out yawn before scratching my head and throwing the covers off my body.

"Dakota." I could tell by the sound her voice, that she was surprised to see him.

"I wanted to apologize for the wine bottle. I'm sorry for the way I acted that night." I listened intently from from behind my bedroom door before opening it and peaking outside. Dakota looked like a child as he apologized to my mom, staring up at her like a lost puppy.

"I'm so sorry Mrs.De Angelis."

It was quiet for a moment as the two of them stared at each other in silence, exchanging glances that I couldn't read.

"Would you like to come in? I'm sure Luka is awake by now." My mom said with the smallest hint of a smile on her face. Dakota's face lit up in an instant, making it hard for me not to crack a smile.

"Thank you Mrs.De Angelis."

I slammed my bedroom door shut in a panic before Dakota could notice I was eavesdropping. He wouldn't let that one go if he knew. I ran to my bed and jumped into, throwing the covers back on. I closed my eyes, panting from adrenaline as I tried to catch my breath.

"Luka? Are you up?" Dakota said as he sat on the end of my bed.

"Mm." I groaned, lowering my voice and hoping it was convincing enough for him to think I had just woken up.

"I did it. I apologized and I think... I think it's going to be okay." He said with a bright wide smile.

"That's great."

A moment of silence fell between us before I spoke.

"I guess this means I get to see you more often." I said, inching my way towards him before sneaking my arms around his waist, embracing him tightly as I rested my chin on his shoulder.

"You still haven't bought that lock." He said with a devilish smirk as he glanced at me from the corner of his eye. I cupped the side of his face with the palm of my hand, bringing him closer to me so that I could feel the warmth of his breath on my skin. I parted my lips, angst filled my body at the sight of his stained rosy lips before our mouths collided, every kiss full of yearn.

Dakota pulled away for a moment to turn aroun

er hands and bringing them together. "Now can we please go."

"Fine." She said curtly before returning back to the change rooms. Jane and Gemma paid for their dresses, swinging the large bags over their shoulders as we crossed the mall to the tailor shop. The owner, a man in his mid forties with peppered colored hair and the bushy beard to match, was more than happy to help us. It almost took as long as picking out the dresses. I -a simple black suit and tie with a lavender handkerchief tucked neatly in the pocket, and Dakota -a black blazer with a white undershirt, no tie, no bow.

I chuckled, expecting him to choose such simple attire.

"Don't forget the corsage." Gemma grinned as we stood at the till waiting to pay, pointing at an encased purple and white corsage to match her dress. I nodded with a sorrowful sigh.

It pained me not being able to tell my mom that it was Dakota and I going to homecoming, not Gemma and I. Shopping only reminded me of what a horrible boyfriend I was.

"See ya, date." Gemma said with a wink as I stepped out the car. James waved from the front seat with a smile before speeding off and leaving Dakota and I in the dust in the front yard of my house.

"We should tell her." Dakota said after some time, breaking the silence.

"What if-"

"They're going to find out sooner or later. And I would rather it be from us than some kid from school." Dakota said, cutting me off. I bit the bottom of my lip, scared of the very thought of telling my mom as the memory of my dream flashed before me. I sighed before speaking.

"You're right."

A/N I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but if you go back to the earlier chapters I changed Jane's age. Jane is a year older than Gemma, Dakota and Luka, making her sixteen, just to clarify.

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