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   Chapter 38 NO.38

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"See you guys at school." Michael said as the three of us stood outside the window of my bedroom, darkness surrounded us and there was nothing but the dim lit street lights illuminating the night.

"We'll be there." Dakota said with the slightest hint of a smile on the corner of his lips. We watched him as he crossed the street under the light post. He turned around to wave before walking off into the distance, getting smaller in size the farther he became.

For some time, Dakota and I continued to stand outside my bedroom window before sitting down on the dewy grass as we stared up at the night sky, scattered with stars and the moon.

The moon that was so big and bright, I could see the reflection of it each time I looked Dakota in the eyes. His beautiful doe eyes that entranced me every time, with the forest trees inside them, leading me to stare at his thick long lashes and his freckles that laid across his nose and cheeks like a constellation.

"What?" Dakota asked, his voice a murmur to my ears as I pulled myself out of my head.

"What?" I asked as I shook my head.

"You're staring at me. I've never seen you stare at me like that before." He said and his tone was solemn. I shrugged, unsure of what to say. How was I looking at him? Surely it wasn't different from all the other times I had looked at him, right?

"Let's go inside." Dakota said in a hushed voice as he gazed into my eyes with a stare I couldn't read but part of me knew what he meant. I nodded before standing up and sliding open my bedroom window. I climbed in first, then Dakota.

I walked to the bathroom, wetting a towel and wiping the dried blood off my nose. I looked at myself in the mirror before giving myself a small pep talk.

"You can do this, Luka."

I nodded, before walking out and into my room. Dakota was still standing, looking at the floor. I walked closer to him and for a moment, we stood awkwardly in the middle of my bedroom, staring at the floor and sneaking glances at each other before I took a step closer to him.

My heart was ra

gh to wake him from a dead sleep.

"Go in the closet!" I whispered harshly, motioning towards it. He jumped out of bed, half naked before running in, not making a sound.

"Luka? I'm coming in, be decent."

"I'm awake, mom." I said before opening the door.

"Luka, what happened?" She asked, squinting at my nose.

"Oh, I fell. It's nothing." I said, completely forgetting that it was bruised. She gave me a questionable look and part of me knew that she knew, I was bullshitting.

"A girl, Gemma is here to see you."


I closed my bedroom door before making my way to the closet.

"How ironic is this?" I asked with a smirk as I opened it. Dakota was sitting in the back of it, crossed leg. I offered my hand to help him up.

"Shut it." He said, taking hold of it and walking by me. He slid on his shirt, along with his pants and I did the same, throwing on the same outfit from last night.

"I'll see you at school." I said as he climbed out my window. He turned around, motioning for me. I leaned on the windowsill, sticking my head out before he moved closer and pressed his lips against mine, placing a hand under my chin to deepen the kiss.

"I gotta go." I said, parting our lips.

"Okay." He pouted, starting off.

"And buy a lock!" He yelled over his shoulder.

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