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"Good morning, sweety." My mom said as I sat down at the dining room table, setting down a bowl full of cereal in front of me. In my state of tiredness I didn't bother to question why she had called me sweety or why her voice sounded chipper, like the way it went when she'd talk to Dakota.

"Morning." I mumbled before shoving a spoonful of cereal into my mouth. I could feel every ache in my body with each movement, sore from last nights adventure of wonder but it was well worth it. It cleared my mind, and offered a distraction from the events that were to follow my failure. Sooner or later, my mom would ask how the game went and I'd rather it had been later than sooner.

Maybe I was being too harsh on myself but part of me felt like I deserved feeling like I'd failed, I felt like I hadn't lived up to the title as co captain. Sure, it was one loss but that game was more important than the other games, it would've taken us farther in the play offs.

"How was your game?" She asked, looking up at me, averting her eyes from her knitting. And just like that, the guilt was back, settling deep into the pit of my stomach. I sighed internally and hesitated for a moment before opening my mouth to speak.

"We lost."

"Lost?" She asked with a arched brow as she half smiled, almost as if waiting for me to tell her it was a joke. I had only wished it was, some cruel joke that we'd lost and in the end we'd both be happy for advancing in the season, but it wasn't a joke. It was the truth.

"A fight started on the field and the game ended, so I guess that doesn't really count as losing." I said, trailing off before shoving a spoonful of cereal in my mouth and waiting for her answer with curious eyes, wondering if she'd snap at me like the many times before. Would this one fault, ruin the relationship we'd managed to build?

"A fight?" She questioned once more.

"Between me and the captain of the other team." I said in a low voice, avoiding her gaze. I didn't have to look her in the eyes to know it was menacing.

She scoffed under her breath as she shook her head. I could tell she wanted to say something more as she bit her bottom lip, she wanted to rip right through me like she had before. But instead, she continued to knit with furrowed brows that made me uncomfortable, like she would chew my head off at any given moment if I even so much as breathed.

The rest of breakfast was eaten in silence with no other words exchanged between us, only stolen glances.

I put my bowl and spoon in the sink and walked to my bed room, not daring to make a sound on the way back. It came as a surprise to me, seeing my mom bite her tongue. She wasn't one to do that when it came to me, she never hesitated to tell me when I was wrong.

I sat on the edge of my bed, puzzled before grabbing my phone off the night stand and fiddling with it. It wasn't long before it chimed, lighting up the screen and alerting me of a text message from Dakota.

"Party tonight, you in?"

I rolled my eyes before sending a text back.

"When hell freezes over."

"No drinks, I promise."

Like I hadn't heard that before. I sighed and laid back on my bed, holding my phone up above my face. I stared at my phone screen, thinking of a reply when I already knew what my answer would be.

Dakota was impressionable and it never had taken much to persuade him. But he had turned away Alex once before, maybe he would do it again. My phone chimed once more.

"Gemma and Jane will be there."

I hesitated for a moment as I chewed on my bottom lip before replying back.


I hit send, staring at the screen of texts before my phone slipped out of my hands and came crashing down on my face and my vision soon went black. I groaned in agony as I rubbed my swollen eye before sitting up in bed.

I could already tell it that attending the party was a bad idea and I'd been left wishing my phone had knocked me unconscious.

After dinner, which consisted of only my mom and I, I texted Dakota to use the window in hopes of not stirring up my mom. It was unclear of the relationship between Dakota and my parents. He had after all, thrown a wine bottle at the wall without properly apologizing, something that had been plaguing me. I wondered if my mom still seen him as the golden child she always had, was he still on that pedestal she kept him on? Not to forget

ta said lunging at Seth but was held back by the other two Titan players before one of them elbowed him in the ribs and the other giving him a cheap shot to his face, busting his lip open.

"Let's go, boys." Seth said with a satisfied grin. The other two Titan players released their grip on Dakota and chuckled as they walked away, heading to the door.

"Are you okay?" Dakota asked me, rushing to my side.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said, holding my bleeding nose.

The crowd around us had dispersed and each went their separate ways as the murmured and stared.

"Let's go home." Dakota said as he helped me to my feet, sliding my arm over his shoulder for support.

"Bye, Gemma." I said as we headed towards the door.

"Bye." She said with a sad look in her eyes that made me want to turn around and tell her I'd be alright. Instead we walked out the front door and started the journey home.

My nose was aching and I could hear the blood pumping in my ears but at least the bleeding stopped.

"Look who's dragging who's ass back home now." Dakota said with a chuckle, as he continued to be my support, even after he had taken a shot to the ribs.

"Whatever." I said, ruffling his hair.

"Hey, wait up!"

I could hear Michael calling out from behind us. Dakota gave me a questionable stare but stopped anyway to wait for him to catch up.

"I'm sorry Luka, I had no idea they'd show up." Michael said through hard pants. I shrugged in response, unsure of what to say next.

"Sorry about your face." Michael said to Dakota, not looking him in the eyes. Dakota chuckled before shrugging and we continued walking to my house in silence, bloodied and bruised. But it wasn't an uncomfortable silence, it seemed there was this unspoken agreement between Dakota and Michael that I couldn't read and any grudges that they had held against each other, was forgotten.

The walk home was dark and only lit up by the street lights with a slight breeze that swept through the air, reminding me of the times I'd be carrying Dakota home, it was a pain in the ass but part of me never minded it.

"If it wasn't obvious, Seth and I dated." Michael said, breaking the silence.

"After my dad found out, he took me out of school and retired from the NFL. He claims it was never because of Seth but because he wanted to spend more time with me- but.. I knew it wasn't the real reason." He paused before continuing, "Seth has never forgiven me for it."

"Well Seth, sounds like an idiot." Dakota said without looking at him, staring straight ahead.

Michael and I chuckled in unison, groaning in pain not too long after. We continued to walk the empty streets in silence, and I glanced at Dakota from the corner of my eye, then Michael before smiling in content.

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