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   Chapter 36 NO.36

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Updated: 2017-12-21 15:10

A/N thank you so much for 161k reads! also i'm so sorry for the long wait, i've started university, so updates may be slower than usual! just a warning this chapter is super short but will update tomorrow with a longer chapter :)

The rhythmic tap of knuckles banging against the glass window woke me from a deep slumber. I groggily opened my eyes before rubbing the sleep from them as they strained to see the person standing out in the dark.

"Dakota? What are you doing here?" I asked in a hoarse whisper after sliding the window open.

"Come outside." He whispered as he smirked, motioning with his index finger.

I rubbed my eyes once again in hopes of rubbing away the remaining sleep from them as I nodded at Dakota, just barely awake. I yawned as I bent down to grab whatever piece of clothing that was in reach before throwing it on and sliding on my shoes. I stretched as I ruffled my hair before I walked over to my window, quietly climbing out, sticking out one leg and then the other, not bothering to check the time as I completely dismissed the fact that he had showed up in the dead hours of the night.

"Gemma? Jane?" I asked in confusion after my feet landed softly on the dewy grass below.

"Hey, sleepy head." Gemma said with a wink and a devious grin as she swung an arm around Jane.

"I heard about the idiot that cost you guys the game." Jane said sarcastically with a smirk before she pushed up her glasses, her long dark hair draped down the sides of her face.

"Right, so

in their hands.

I looked up at the sky as I sighed, it was filled with bright stars perfectly spaced out that I had never seemed to notice before. Lately, there was a lot of things around me that I had never noticed before. I turned my head towards Dakota, and there it was again, that smile that I just couldn't figure out. He grasped my hand in his, and I felt the warmth of his body from that simple touch against the tall strands of soft green grass.

"I love you, Luka." He said in a hushed voice, so quiet I could barely hear him but I did. A smile immediately lit up my face and for a moment I was still, unable to speak as my stomach knotted with nothing but happiness. I wanted to grab him by the face and tell him that he was mine, mine and no one else's.

"I love you too, Kota." I said before turning on my side and leaning over, pressing my lips against his soft red rosy cheeks that I couldn't ever get enough of.

A/N it's super short I know but I wanted to end the chapter here :)

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