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   Chapter 34 NO.34

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I walked up to the front door of Dakota's house, hesitantly knocking on it with the back of my knuckles, wondering if it'd be today that I'd be able to see Dakota. I hadn't spoken to him since the dinner and it wasn't by choice. Each time I had tried to see him, Mr.Moreau made up an excuse, he's not in, he's not well. The front door swung open and Mr.Moreau emerged from behind it with a bright smile but it hid something.

"Luka, my boy. What can I do for you today?" He asked.

"Is Dakota coming to school today?" I asked, already knowing he was. It took him a moment to come up with a lie to tell me.

"Dakota is still sick, sorry son." He said before closing the door, leaving me standing in place. I scoffed before turning around and walking down the porch steps.

"De Angelis." Coach motioned for me in the middle of practice, to be quiet honest I was thankful he did. I couldn't focus on anything, not the drills, my classes, not anything. I was spaced out half the time as my mind filled with thoughts of what was going to become of Dakota and I and why Mr.Moreau was keeping him out of school. I figured it was a bit much for smashing a bottle of, more than likely, cheap wine.

"Yeah, coach?"

"Moreau, where's he been?" He asked with an arched brow, speaking in a hushed whisper.

"You're asking the wrong person, coach." I said with a shrug as I averted my eyes from his.

"You let him know the big game is in two days, son. We need him." He said patting my shoulder and sending me back into the field.

My parents won't give me as much as a word about anything either. Each time I asked, they gave me one worded replies or none at all. It was becoming frustratingly painful being the only one in dark. Mr.Moreau was never one to keep Dakota from the one thing he wanted him to be good at, football.

Practice went by in a blur with half assed efforts that I couldn't be bothered with, even when the big game was so near. I walked into the change room, sweaty and out of breath as I grabbed my duffel bag from my locker. I was more worried about Dakota and if the night of the dinner would trigger him to go on a drinking binge.

"No Dakota, again?" Michael asked me as I slid off my jersey, along with my gear.

"No." I said as I hook my head with half a smile.

"What was that about anyhow?" He asked, turning around to face me. I shrugged in reply, pretending not to know as I finished changing out of uniform and sliding on my shirt. Was it wrong of me for wanting to keep Dakota's little problem a secret? Did that I mean I was ashamed for people to know about his alcoholism? Or was it the right thing to do as a best friend? Tha

"W-what I meant was-"

"I missed you too." He said before touching my lips with his, they were soft and moist as they immediately moved in sync. It felt so long that the very touch from him made me want to moan in pleasure. I could feel myself getting lost in his embrace as he recoiled his tongue in and out of my mouth, the exchange of saliva made it even more pleasurable, almost euphoric, like a drug I couldn't get enough of. I indulged in the feeling of our tongue's rubbing against each other while our hands explored one another, going into unknown territory that was becoming all too familiar.

I led him to to the edge of his bed while our hands grabbed at each other's clothing as our lips continued to move against one another, panting heavily in between each kiss. I was beginning to remember every inch of him, the scar on his rib cage when he'd broken it as kids, the way his wrists felt soft and tender as I grabbed them and pinned them above his head. I leaned over him, pressing our bare chests together, roaming his mouth with my forceful tongue and I could tell by the way he groaned in my ear, by the redness of his freckled face, that he liked it. Our fingers interlocked as I deepened the kiss, wanting nothing but to touch every inch of his body with my mouth.

My breathing was heavy as I buried my face in the nape of his neck, calming myself in hopes of us not going any further, even if I wanted to, badly. I gave him one last kiss on his cheek before laying down beside him, gazing into his eyes like stars before cupping the side of his face.

"I love you, Luka."

"I love you too, Kota."

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