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   Chapter 33 NO.33

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"Quickly, Mr.Hugh will be here any second." My mom said as soon as I got home from football practice, ushering me into my bedroom and shoving a black suit into my arms. Today I'd officially meet Mr.Hugh to have a more in depth discussion about being able to play on his team in the future. Dakota would also be at my house soon in hopes of keeping me from having a mental break down in front of Mr.Hugh.

I ran to my bathroom and stripped off all of my clothes in a hurry, jumping in the shower, not bothering to wait for the water to warm up beforehand. The only thought that went through my mind was don't make yourself look like an idiot, my future was in the hands of this guy. After washing up and drying off, I looked at my reflection in the mirror as I combed my hair back after wiping it down.

"This is your chance, Luka. Your chance to prove to every one that they were wrong about you." I spoke aloud, hearing my voice bounce off the walls of my bathroom, trying to give myself the confidence I desperately needed for tonight. I knew there was nothing to worry about, the only thing that worried me was if it would be tonight that my mom would decide that she had enough civil conversations with me and return back to her past self full of ignorance.

"Do you always talk to yourself?" Dakota said from behind me making me instantly jump. I turned around to face him to find him stood in the doorway, tightly hanging onto my towel wrapped around my waist that nearly had fallen off. It'd taken me a moment to come back with some witty remark after seeing him. He was dressed to the nine's in a dark suit and tie, similar to mine and it almost looked like he'd taken the time to do his hair.

"Do you always broodingly stand in people's doorways?" I said, shoving past him. Not as witty as I'd wanted but it sufficed. I picked up my suit from my bed, getting ready to change only to set it back down again. I turned around realizing Dakota was still standing in my bathroom doorway, staring at me with a huge grin. I walked over to him, grabbing his forearm.



"Why? I've seen you naked plenty of times!"

"Out." I said as I shoved him out my bedroom door, praying my mom didn't hear him say that. God only knows what conclusions she'd jump to. I sighed, walking over to my bed. I could already feel that this night was going to be handful. I had thought having Dakota would put my nerves at ease but I was as nervous as I'd be if I were alone. I grabbed the suit and threw it on, struggling to do the one thing that a tie needed, tying. I heard a knock at my door before it opened.

"Now you choose to knock?" I chuckled watching Dakota in the reflection of the mirror.

"You look dashing." He said as he closed the door behind him. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to the mirror, practically wrestling with the tie in my hands.

"Here, let me help." He said as he walked over to me. He grabbed the tie from my hands, brushing his hand against mine and wrapped the loose tie around my neck with our faces inches apart and so close I could feel his breath on me. He crossed the ends over each other, looping one end through and pulled it up, perfectly tying it in place.


"You're welcome." He said with a smile as he gently tapped the tip of my nose with his finger.

"You both look so handsome." My mom said from the kitchen as Dakota and I walked out of my bedroom, a wide spread smile stretched

uld seeing alcohol somehow put him on the edge, tempt him back into it? Not to mention Mrs.Moreau, a supposed recovering alcoholic. What was my mom thinking?

"I don't think that's a good idea." I couldn't stop the words from coming out of my mouth. My mom arched her brow at me in confusion as Mr.Moreau glanced at me from the side of his eye, more than likely wondering how I knew it was a bad idea. Mr.Carina and his wife looked equally as confused at what I'd just said.

"Honey, don't be silly." My mom said as she poured the cups of wine for herself and the others. I looked down at my plate, partially embarrassed for blurting that out.

"I really don't think that's a good idea Mrs. De Angelis." Dakota said with clutched fists.

"One glass won't hurt right?" My mom said as she patted Mrs.Moreau on her shoulder, not backing down.

"I said-" Dakota paused, pushing up from his chair and storming up to my mom, forcefully grabbing the bottle of wine from her hands before throwing it at the wall. It shattered to pieces and the wine went everywhere, dripping down the wall like blood.

The room fell silent, not a word or even a breath from any one. My mom's mouth was gapped open as she stood frozen, unsure of what to do next.

Dakota stormed out of the house, leaving us all in bewilderment. For a while I couldn't move or speak. Mrs.Moreau broke down, sobbing into her hands uncontrollably, mumbling out incoherent words. Michael looked at me for answers that I didn't have, I couldn't tell him Mrs.Moreau was a raging alcoholic, it wasn't my place. After some time Mr.Moreau stood up and walked up to his wife, helping her to her feet as she continued to cry.

He mumbled out an apology before taking his leave.

"Well I'm so glad you were able to come Mr and Mrs.Carina." My mom said with a smile, as if nothing happened.

"Thank you." He said, wiping his mouth and standing to his feet, along with his wife. Michael trailed behind them, waving at me as he walked out the door.

I ran a hand through my hair, unsure of what the hell to do and all I could think about was if Dakota and I would still be able to be friends.

A/N I just loved writing that last bit! Can you believe Dakota did that!? Anyway vote, comment and tell me your thoughts! They're very much appreciated!

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