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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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A million thoughts went through my mind as I was on the way to the party with Michael and Gemma. Alex would be there with Eva and knowing those two they'd lead Dakota astray from the sober path that I knew he desperately wanted to stay on. But I also knew this was going to happen, I knew it wouldn't be long until he'd be invited to another party, have another drink and pass out somewhere.

"Well, well, well." Queenie said as I walked up the steps of her house that was way too big for a family of three, the loud upbeat music blared behind her as she stood in the doorway.

"Look who came crawling back." She said with a grin. I shoved past her, ignoring anything else that came out of her mouth. I didn't have time for her, nor would I ever. She scoffed, stomping off into a different room. I weaved in and out of the crowd of people, examining every face I came into contact with hoping I'd bump into Dakota. I lost Michael in the crowd and Gemma disappeared completely, leaving me alone. I searched everywhere I could think he'd be but I couldn't find him, wondering if he was even here or if I was on some wild goose chase.

Out of all the places I didn't bother to check, I spotted Alex in the living room right in front of me. He had a beer in one hand and a blonde girl in the other. His stomach moved with each laugh he took. Dakota was sat on the couch beside him, swapping spit with Eva. I stormed up to him, like a bull charging towards a red flag.

"Come on." I said to Dakota, grabbing him by the forearm. Eva clutched onto him as she arched her brow at me and I could tell by the expression on her face, she didn't have a full grip on what I was doing.

"Luka, you came." He slurred with a drunken smile, but didn't budge when I tugged on him, wanting to quickly tail it away from here.

"He's a big boy, he can make his own decisions." Alex said to me with a smirk as he attempted to hand Dakota another drink but I knocked it out of his hand before Dakota could reach it, spilling it all over the floor.

"You little prick." Alex stood up and walked up to me. He towered over me, even when I tiptoed. If we were to fight, he'd have the upper hand. I shoved past him, ignoring him and walking up to Dakota before swinging his arm around my shoulder.

"This isn't over, De Angelis." He yelled behind me but I only took it as an empty threat, part of me hoping he wouldn't be looming behind me. On the way out of the house, I spotted Michael in the crowd. I motioned for him to come over and he ran to my side, helping with the weight of Dakota as he swung his other arm over his shoulder. We carried him out the door, ignoring his incoherent mumbles.

"I got him." I said to Michael.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah." I said as he kicked at the ground, averting his eyes from mine.

"I should probably go." He said with a somber smile as he started walking away.

"Wait, Michael-"

"See you around." He smiled before waving and crossing the street. I let out a sigh as I watched him getting further away from me, distancing the space between us and started the journey home, hauling Dakota up and onto my back.

"You gotta help me out." I said to him as I struggled to get him on. He only mumbled in response as he put his whole weight onto me, babbling on about burritos until he muttered something I understood.

"Don't leave me for him." He slurred

Dakota, who still looked out it as he sat on the edge of my bed, freshly showered.

"How much did you have to drink last night?" I asked him before sitting in the edge of my bed.

"I don't even know. People were shoving drinks in my face left and right and I thought I could handle it." He paused.

"I didn't want to say no." He shrugged, poking at his cereal with a spoon.

"I like being so drunk to the point where I don't remember anything, that's bad isn't it?" He let out a somber laugh. I stayed quiet, not entirely sure what to say that would give him comfort. He put down his bowl of cereal before leaning onto me, resting his head on my shoulder without saying a word. I hesitated before resting a hand on his, giving him silent comfort. I couldn't push him away, not when he was being open with me.

We spent the rest of the day playing video games and it felt like the times before high school, the times of being in middle school and having sleepovers, staying up all night being idiots, before the alcohol and the parties. Dakota paused the game and turned to look at me. I stared at him, confused with an arched brow.

"Thanks for last night."

"Who else is supposed to take care of you?" I chuckled, half joking.

"I know I don't say this as much as I should but I'm sorry. For getting jealous over stupid shit, for fighting, for trying to kiss Eva that night, for everything."

"It's okay." I mumbled with a shrug and a half smile.

The rest of the weekend was spent in my room. No going out, no drinking, just us, video games and food. The only things I ever needed, right there in my bedroom. Dakota and I hadn't spoken a word about what would happen between us, I assumed that for the time being we'd remain friends even though I knew he wouldn't treat it that way. I tried my best to keep him in check that weekend, even when he begged me to go to another party with that puppy eyed look I'd always fall for. For now I'd have to take the role of babysitter, once again, but if I was being completely honest, I missed it.

A/N vote, comment and tell me what you think :) Will Dakota change this time? Should Luka be with him again? Let me know :) Also I looked into it and in some cases freshman can be quarterbacks!

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