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A/N Let me when how often you'd guys like me to update! I actually have had this written for awhile but wanted every reader to able to catch up to this chapter. Regardless, enjoy this summer treat!

I dragged my feet against the pavement with stinging red eyes and a lump in my throat, wanting badly to turn around and run back to Dakota to tell him he's forgiven, that we can be friends again and forget this ever happened but I was already half way home and too cowardly to turn back.

The walk was dark and empty with a pitch black sky and not a star insight. It almost felt as if I was in a ghost town and was the only person left. Reminding me of the times Dakota and I would be walking back to my house after a night out, half the time I had to haul his ass there because he was too drunk to stand.

I felt guilty for leaving Michael at the party without explaining why, even after he pulled Dakota off of me. I don't know what would have happened if he didn't. I'd look worse than I already did.

I opened my bedroom window making as little noise as possible as I hoisted myself up and in with my feet landing softly on the carpet floor.

I threw myself on my bed, not bothering to change out of my clothes or kick off my shoes. I was too beat, to tired to do anything, I felt helpless. I couldn't control my best friend, I couldn't control myself from kissing Michael, everything that could have went wrong tonight, did.

I felt the alcohol wearing off as I laid still and the pain on my face intensify from Dakota's hits earlier, leaving the question- what were my parents going to say?

I groaned into my pillow, I shouldn't have went out. I should've known better than to think I would have a good time with friends, not while Dakota was around. My pity for him was replaced with anger as the memory of him showing up to the party replayed in my mind, already wasted and picking a fight as usual but this time I wasn't there to babysit him. I was tired of forgiving, tired of having feelings for him. This time, it was over- for good.

All weekend I attempted to avoid my parents but ultimately failed, it was inevitable. I was thankful when they didn't ask about the bruised busted lip I had during dinner.

"When is Dakota going to start coming around again, hun?" My mom asked me as I poked at my food with my fork.


"Fighting is never good for friends." Mom sighed. I only nodded in response, unable to say anything. Leaving me wondering if maybe I should forgive Dakota.

Monday morning felt different as I started my walk to school, noticing Dakota in the corner of my eye from across the street. He didn't glance in my direction, not even for a second. But I could spot the shiner that I'd given him from a mile away. I thought about crossing the street to tell him I forgave him for last night, to apologize for kissing Michael, for fighting. But I shook that thought from my mind, almost forgetting that he was the one that ruined what we had.

People were staring, left and right as soon as I entered the school. It made me want to turn around and tail it back home. The only assumption I could think of was that word must've spread about Dakota and I fighting. But I walked to class with my head held high, pretending it didn't phase me, not one bit, even if it did.

Class went by slower than usual as I waited for the bell to go for lunch, watching the clock tick by the second. As soon as it went, I scrambled to my feet, rushing to get out of the school. I grabbed my lunch from my locker and walked outside, my gaze immediately going to the bleachers to find Gemma and Jane.

I walked up to them, pract

t would be amazing, sir, really." I smiled, unable to stop myself from shaking his hand.

"I'll be in touch but you can be rest assured, you'll have a spot with us."

"Thank you very much, sir." I smiled as he patted my back. I hesitated for a moment before speaking again.

"Sir, I think you should look into Dakota Moreau as well. He's a great quarterback."

"Will do, son." He smiled, briefly exchanging goodbyes with Mr.Carina.

"Thank you so much Mr.Carina, you have no idea how much this means to me." I said to him, filled with nothing but adrenaline and excitement from winning and being offered a spot on a university team in the same night.

"No problem, son." He patted my back before walking away towards Michael, who waved at me from afar.

"Who were those men?" My mom asked as she walked up to me, along with my dad. I debated on telling her, wondering if she'd dismiss it like it was nothing.

"A friend's dad and.. a scout." I mumbled.

"That's great, son!" My dad said as he smiled, pulling me into a hug. I was taken back from his actions, unsure of what to do next as I stood stiff.

"Well.. that's wonderful, hun." My mom said with a smile, and for the first time it was genuine.

I showered as soon as I got home, still unable to come to terms that a scout was at one of my games, watching me and wanting me on his team in the future.

After changing into some fresh p.j's I laid still in bed, staring blankly at the ceiling, thinking back to everything that'd happened lately. My cellphone went off, vibrating on my nightstand. I turned on my side and grabbed it before pressing the talk button.

"Hey, it's Dakota."

"Hey." I mumbled.

"I just wanted to tell you thanks."


"Mentioning me to that scout."

"Did you get an offer?"

"Yeah." I could tell he was holding back excitement by the sound of his voice.

"That's great."

"Luka, I really am sorry.. for everything."

It went silent for a moment, neither of us saying a word. I didn't know what to say. I felt like if I forgave him I'd be giving in, maybe I was just being prideful and needed to throw it aside. But I couldn't.

"Goodnight, Dakota."

I pressed the end button, feeling that lump in my throat coming back.

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