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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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A/N to make up for the previous short chapter, I tried to make this one long

After a long debate, I caved in. I had no other choice but to come. Dakota throwing a party would end in disaster. But as long as I was around I could at least try to keep him out of trouble. Typical babysitting job that I was always left with but what should I have expected. Knowing my parents were practically right across the street put me on the edge. My parents said they wouldn't be back until late tonight and Dakota's parents decided to visit extended family on the other side of town for the night. One way or the other they would find out and my parents would be back home only to see a crowd of teenagers going in and out of the Moreau's house from across the street. I shook my head as I was setting up the drink table, wondering why Dakota even thought of having this thing in the first place. It didn't make sense. Why couldn't he party else where like all the other times?

I glared at him from across the room, watching him haul a keg into the kitchen with the help of Alex, who he had failed to mention would be coming to help out. How could he forgive him so easily? He outed us to coach, who I'm sure would've find out sooner or later. Alex obviously had a problem with the two of us being together but I guess people change and kiss ass when they hear the word alcohol and party. They'd do anything for it. I wondered how Dakota was able to get a hold of beer in the first place and if it would be enough for the amount of people that would be coming. The deeper in thought I became about this whole situation, the more angry I felt. I can't catch a break with this guy. But what do I expect? It's been this way for years and it's only bothering me now.

"Are you going to help, or are you going to keep glaring at me." Dakota said, his face cracked a grin before winking at me. I rolled my eyes, walking over to him and Alex, helping them haul the rest of the kegs inside. I muttered under my breath, cursing Dakota for getting me into this.

"Trouble in paradise?" Alex smirked. I scoffed, dropping the keg. It landed on the floor with a loud thud before I walked away from the two and into a different room. The sound of his voice alone made me irritated and wanted nothing to do with this. I was being a prissy little drama queen and I hated it but at the same time I couldn't help it. I changed when it came to Dakota, even before this relationship started. I sighed and rubbed the bridge of my nose. All I have to do is get through this night.

Soon after the s

y touching her lips with his.

I couldn't hold it back any longer and shoved him away from her, sending him reeling into a random group of teenagers. Eva screamed, getting the attention of everyone around us. Dakota looked up at me, his eyes wide and full of anger. I stared him down, ready to take anything he had. He ran towards me and tackled me to the floor, knocking the wind out of me for a moment. I coughed as he sat on top of me, giving me cheap shots to the face that I could barely feel. Before I could do anything, someone pulled Dakota off of me and it was only then that I realized I had a mouth full of blood.

I stood up, spitting it out, getting ready to fight again. Until I realized it was my dad who pulled us apart, along with a boy I didn't recognize.

"Home." My dad had me by the collar of my shirt. I shoved his hand off of me and stormed out of the house. I could hear him yelling from across the street, telling people to get out. My mom was already waiting at the front door for me, tapping her foot against the floor with crossed arms.

"Did you think we wouldn't notice?" She sneered as I walked past her.

"It wasn't my idea."

"You were always a bad influence on Dakota. Maybe it's time you find friends better suited to your behaviour." I scoffed at her and turned around.

"Maybe it's time you stop acting like I'm always the one in the wrong. You think Dakota is so special? You don't know the fucking half of it." I walked into my bedroom and slammed the door, locking it behind me. I threw myself on my bed and screamed into my pillow as loud as I could.

I'm in so much trouble tomorrow.

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