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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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"Called it." Jane smirked at me with a cocky look in her eyes as she walked up to Dakota and I during lunch. When word gets out that the quarterback and co-captain of the football team are a couple, it spreads like wild fire.

Part of me already had a feeling that Jane knew long ago. Like I had said, her instincts were killer.

This morning was a nightmare. People I didn't even know were pointing at Dakota and I as we walked to first period, whispering back and forth. He told me to ignore it but I could see through him and it bothered him just as much as it bothered me.

"I can't believe this!" Gemma squealed, nearly deafening me with her high pitched voice as she sat beside me on the bleachers. I couldn't tell if she was angry or upset from the solemn expression on her face. She looked stunned for words.

"Believe it." Dakota said before shoving a handful of chips in his mouth and winking at me.

I only shrugged with a half hearted grin, mostly because I didn't know what to say. Dakota was playing it off as nothing on the outside but I know that on the inside, he wasn't as brave as he seemed.

I'll admit to myself that I was pretending too. I didn't want anyone knowing I was afraid because being afraid was a sign of weakness. A weakness that someone could use against me and I did not want that happening. So even though I was afraid, I had to put on a brave face and told myself I wouldn't let anyone give me or Dakota a hard time about this. Thankfully we hadn't run into Eva yet. Seeing Alex and Queenie was inevitable due to obvious reasons.

"I just can't believe this." Gemma muttered, more to herself. I gave her an apologetic smile and patted her back.

"Why do so many people care anyway?" Dakota rolled his eyes, getting irritated. The bell rang ending lunch break, and I was thankful it went off went it did. The awkward tension between the four of us was suffocating. It wasn't as if Gemma and I were a thing but she liked me. The night of her party, she looked hurt when Dakota blabbed about us to everyone. There's probably a million things she wanted to say to me but it wouldn't have mattered, because we never dated. It was the harsh truth.

I dreaded the thought of practice, hoping what Alex said wouldn't be true. Coach is crazy but kicking us off the team? I just can't imagine it. If he was open to aliens, he had to be open to two guys being together. Especially when one of those guys was the best player on the team and he assigned me as co-captain. I mean, there had to be a reason for that.

"Alright ladi

as fawning all over him, but I was too busy doing the same to care.

"Did you hear that Luka is co-captain now?" Dakota asked, trying to shift the subject off of himself.

"How nice." My mom gave me a half hearted smile. I rolled my eyes and scoffed under my breath. Dakota gave me an apologetic look as we continued to eat. I thank him for trying but it was really no use when it came to my mom. I could become the next president and it still wouldn't measure up to her standards, whatever standards those were.

"What a day." Dakota said as he laid on my bed, rubbing his stomach.

"Right." I said and laid beside him feeling full to the brim and I thought back on today. It was a lot to take in, Dakota was always the one getting attention from everyone else, I was just in the background but now it's the two us in the spot light. Part of me actually liked the attention. I was thankful my parents hadn't found out. I still can't think of what would happen if they did, hell I don't want to.

"Come here." Dakota said pulling me from my thoughts and leaned over me, putting his finger under my chin as he pulled me closer. His gleaming hazel eyes bore into me, taking in every inch of me as I was doing the same before he closed his eyes and pressed his lips against mine. My body tingled from his soft touch as our lips moved in sync. The warmth from his breath was making me hot and bothered.

Dakota broke the kiss off, catching me off guard and only making me want more of him. I grabbed his waist and pulled him close.

"Your mom might catch us." He teased with a grin, sitting up.

"You're driving me crazy." I groaned.

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