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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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A/N picture of Luka above.

Dakota's grip around my hand was firm on the walk to school and made me feel reassurance that this time maybe he was telling the truth about him and Eva. It still irked me knowing that we kissed while they were still together. I shook the thought from my head. It wasn't my fault, so I shouldn't be worrying so much about it. Right?

The clouds were grey and dark as I looked up at them, making me wonder of what the day would bring. Hoping that it didn't mean anything bad was coming my way.

As we neared closer to the school, Dakota let my hand free and mumbled an apology. He looked at me and gave me a hesitant smile.


I nodded, understanding why he let go. He was scared, and so was I. I didn't know when we'd be ready to be open about whatever we were. I didn't know if I'd ever be.

We entered the school, heading straight to the lockers. It was already filled with students getting ready for first period. I couldn't look anyone in the eye, afraid that they some how knew about us. I didn't exactly like hiding this like it was some dirty secret, but I wasn't ready for anyone to know and neither was Dakota.

I grabbed my books for first period with him by my side, waiting for me. Even though we weren't talking, it was a comfortable silence as we exchanged smiles, stealing glances here and there. Every time I looked him in the eyes, I was reminded of yesterday in my room. The words he said to me echoed in my head and it made me feel the way I felt at that moment. Part of me still couldn't believe what had happened, that my best friend since childhood was now something more than just that.

The warning bell rang for first period and the halls quickly became empty, leaving just the two of us in it.

"I'll see you at lunch." He said before glancing from side to side for a moment at the empty halls. He laid a tender hand on my shoulder and pressed his lips against mine that were now becoming so familiar. It was quick and fleeting, barely giving me a chance to feel the warmth of him, leaving me wanting more. He winked at me as he made his way across the hall, leaving me standing

hed me a grin.

There's no talking him out of it. It's barely three months into the year and he'd been to almost every party I had heard about. And I can't not go with him because that went so well the last time. Maybe this time I'd find him with Jane. I scoffed, yeah right.

The thought that maybe Dakota did have a drinking problem scared me and I remembered what he had told me that day in his room, seeing his mom looking completely out of it. I shook the image from my head and focused on the path in front of me. I'm sure he had it under control. And besides if he didn't, I was here.

"Stop frowning so much." Dakota chuckled and shoved my shoulder. I shrugged and continued walking, too busy to focus on his words as I drowned in my thoughts.

"The party will be fun, I promise. And if it isn't, we'll leave." Dakota put his hands on either side of my shoulders with a smile on his face, his nose so close to touching mine. His beautiful hazel eyes that I never noticed before entranced me and I nodded, believing him.

"No babysitting, right?" I said jokingly, nudging his shoulder with mine.

"I'll be with you the whole night." Dakota said with a beaming smile as he grabbed my hand.

So I read up on football a lot prior to writing this book but I couldn't find out if there was such thing as a co captain. I've never heard of one before but tell me if I'm wrong. Vote, comment and tell me what you think! :)

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