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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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I knew not to say anything to anyone the next day about Dakota and I. Part of me didn't want to say anything either. Just thinking about telling anyone about us made me anxious. At least for the time being. It's not that I'm scared of what they'll think of me but what they'll think of Dakota. As much as I hate to admit it, he cares a lot of what other people think.

"I'll see you at lunch?" Dakota asked as we walked into the school. I nodded with a genuine smile. He returned it and patted my back, his hand lingered a while before walking away. The warmth of his touch remained on my body and sent shivers up my spine, reminding me of last night.

The more I actually look at Dakota, the more I realize things about him that I never truly noticed. His hazel eyes that had a touch of green and the way they lit up every time he talked to me, his smile that caught anyone's attention, and the way his cheeks would turn beet red, giving him a rosy glow.

The feeling overwhelmed me, just how much I cared for him. But also due to the fact that we grew up together and could potentially ruin everything between us.

But you never realize when you're starting to fall for a person, it catches you off guard, sneaking up on you when you least expect it and by the time you do realize it, you're in too deep.

"It's hot." Dakota said breaking the silence as we sat on the bleachers during lunch. I nodded in agreement. We continued to eat, without saying a word. Now that we're.. something, I don't know how to act around him. I feel like I'm meeting him for the first time again. Albeit we were small and couldn't remember anything with our tiny brains but that's besides the point.

I raised a brow at the obviously annoyed person walking up to me and Dakota.


"I can't."

And without another word I walked away from him, his face was full of anguish and it took all my will to keep walking, to stop myself from turning back and telling him it's alright, like all the other times we argued. But this isn't something we could just sweep under the rug, like we did all those times as friends. Things were different now, and there was no way of turning it back.

I felt hurt all over again as I sat in my quiet room. Usually I'd play video games or watch a movie but I couldn't focus on anything else except the look on Dakota's face when I turned my back on him. I was angry at him for lying to me about Eva, letting her paw him in front of me without being able to say anything. The only thing I could do was bite my tongue and watch.

I was stuck between being a best friend or being something else other than that. My head felt heavy as I laid it down on my pillow, contemplating on whether I should apologize or remain angry. Apologize for what though? For not forgiving him?

I let out a loud groan of frustration.

I'm just a sucker for him, I guess.

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