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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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I dreaded leaving my room the next morning and decided to leave through my bedroom window instead. Mom was probably waiting on the other side, ready to chew right through me.

I should start calling my window my door with how often I use it as an entrance and exit.

The walk to school felt off without having Dakota by my side. I haven't spoken to him since last night, if that's what you'd call a conversation. I still didn't know when we'd end up talking to each other. Or if we'd even make up this time.

"Luka!" Gemma came running up to me as I was walking to my locker.

"Hey." I smiled sheepishly, embarrassed about the night before.

"Surprised I'm talking to you?"

"A little."

"I don't give up that easily." She winked, reminding me of the first time we met. She hit on me right in the middle of class.

I met eyes with Dakota from across the hall, he was with Alex and his girlfriend, Eva. We had a stare down as we walked past each other, without saying a word. And it was like time stood still with just the two of us in the hallway. His hazel eyes engulfed me and all I wanted to stop to apologize, to sweep all this under the rug.

But a flame ignited inside of me when I noticed Eva was staring at me too. I looked away and broke the contact, focusing on whatever was ahead. Forget it.

I hung out with Gemma and Jane at lunch, watching Dakota from a distance making out with Eva in the middle of the field. I downed the rest of my can drink and crushed it in my ha

ing us both into the room and onto the floor. Our heads hit together with a loud clunk.

I groaned and got up on my feet, rubbing my throbbing head.

"You have to tell me what's wrong." Dakota groaned getting up off the floor. I sighed and sat on the edge of my bed.

"I don't know." I mumbled as he sat down beside me, gazing into my eyes that were too afraid to match his.

"I-I think I like you." I said so quiet I couldn't even hear the words coming from my mouth. My heart was pounding, worried of what would come out of his.

"I.. I do too. But-" He stopped mid sentence and looked away from me for a moment. I felt relief hearing those words but at the same time afraid. How would this work if we tried? Would it really be that bad? Endless questions filled my mind as we stared at each other in silence, both unsure of what to say next.

Dakota stood up and went over to my window, opening it and without another word he climbed out.

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