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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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I woke up to a loud bang on my window. My eyes felt groggy and the sun felt like it burned as I walked to the window.

"I brought your duffel bag." Dakota said and shoved his way past me.

"I didn't say come in."

"Okay, can you stop being pissy for one second and just tell me what's going on?"


"Then why are you so mad?"

"I-" I stopped myself. I what? What was I going to say? I didn't know why I was mad, I didn't know why finding out he had a girlfriend made me so angry. I was pissed and annoyed at myself for feeling this way and lashing out on him. I sighed and sat down on my bed. It's too early for this, my head is aching and I could barely sit up without feeling nauseous.

"Look, I'm just trying to move on from.. whatever this was. People talk, you know?" Dakota said and sat beside me. I knew what he was talking about but I didn't want to answer. Part of me thought, who cares about what people are saying.

"We both agreed on it. Remember?" Dakota said as I stayed quiet. I couldn't exactly tell him what my problem was, because I didn't even know myself. Maybe a part of me did know, but I didn't want to come to terms with it.

"See you at the game tomorrow." He climbed out the window, leaving me to my thoughts and by the time I came to, he was gone. I don't think I drank enough last night.

"De Angelis, come here son."

"Yeah coach?"

"You're in."

"Again? I just got out."

"Don't give me no lip, boy."

I let out a long exasperated breath as I crouched down on the ever green field, waiting for the signal to go. The opposing team only needed one more touchdown to win. I don't know if it was because my parents were here, or because I couldn't stand being around Dakota but I was playing bad. I asked multiple times to be benched only to be put back in. I guess that extra p

nching my way upstairs with a heavy heart.

We sat on the edge of her bed and I looked around the room, unsure of what to do next. Should I grab her by the shoulders? The hands? But Gemma beat me to it, kissing my unsuspecting mouth. Her breath tasted of liquor but I was too nervous to care. But at the kissing intensified, I couldn't feel anything, I felt numb. Maybe it's the alcohol.

She lifted my shirt over my head and threw it to the side. Her soft fingers rubbed against my chest as our tongues danced. She started unbuttoning her shirt, revealing a black lace bra underneath.

My breathing was heavy as Gemma climbed over top of me. With shaky hands, I began undoing my pants.

"I'm sorry I can't." I hung my head and laid back. I could see the disappointment smeared across her face. I got out from underneath her and grabbed my shirt off the floor.


"Sorry Gemma."

My walk home was quiet and the buzz from earlier wore off by the time I got to my bedroom window. I threw my gear in first, then my helmet, then myself. I didn't bother getting up and stayed on the floor the whole night. This is where I belong. So much for trying to move on.

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