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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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"Did you hear?" Gemma asked me on the way to practice. The game was in two days and I pushed myself more than I had ever before. I even took it upon myself to practice before school and during lunch.

"What now?" I asked, ready to hear another ridiculous rumour come from her mouth.

"Dakota has a girlfriend."


"He didn't tell you? I thought you would've known."

"No he didn't tell me." I said through gritted teeth.

I stormed through the gym and into the change rooms, putting on my gear in a hurry. It's been a while since him and I have had time to hang out but why wasn't I the first person to know he had a girlfriend. I am his best friend after all and I have to hear it from Gemma?

"Hey." Dakota said as I was putting on my jersey. I glanced at him from the corner of my eye, ignoring him, not entirely sure as to why I was so angry with him. I grabbed my helmet and shoved my way past, walking out of the locker room.

"You all know the drill." C

e vomit? Because I rinsed."

"Whatever is going on between you and Dakota, keep me out of it because I'm not going to be one of your toys to make him jealous."

"What? We aren't-"

"Go home, Luka." Jane smiled and walked back downstairs. I was stiff for a moment trying to get a grip on what just happened.

I began walking home, feeling the lowest I had ever felt. Not because Jane rejected me, or because I threw up. Matter of fact I don't know why I was feeling so low.

Usually I'd have Dakota on my back, blacked out and unconscious leaving a party. A part of me misses it, but the other part is thankful I don't have to haul his ass half way across town. But maybe I like having to do that.

I laid down in bed with my head spinning, feeling like it was going to spin right off. I chugged a glass of water and closed my eyes. Tomorrow is going to be one hell of a hangover and I only pray it goes away on game day.

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