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   Chapter 6 NO.6

The Football Boys By BenRyans Characters: 10679

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"So party tonight, we're going." Dakota said as we walked out of the school, heading towards the gym. Another practice. They're more consistent now since the game is in a week. Coach is going overboard, he's been making up conspiracies about the opposing team. I think he has some sort of beef with the Panthers coach because he doesn't ever shut up about him.




"Come on."


"Gemma will be there."

"She's only a friend."

We reached the gym doors and walked into the locker room which was oddly empty. I think everyone skipped out on practice today because there was no one sight, they must of heard of the party tonight. Not even Alex was here and he loves football more than I do.

"Please, for the love of god, can we go party tonight?"

"So I can be your babysitter? No way." I chuckled and took off my shirt, shoving it into my bag.

"Come on." Dakota grabbed me by the waist, bringing me closer towards him. The hairs on my neck stood up, feeling the warmth of his breath against my skin as he moved his face near mine; our noses almost touching.

"Stop that." I chuckled and shoved him away, rubbing my neck. I continued to change into my gear, ignoring the fact that his gaze was fixed on me the entire time. He's been like this all week, teasing, getting a little too close.

But I took his actions as jokes, after all we both agreed to remain friends.

"I'm going to keep bugging you until you say yes." Dakota said as he started to change.

"And I'm going to keep saying no because we've been to two parties and the school year has barely started." I walked out of the locker room and headed to the field.

"Luka, son come here." Coach motioned for me. I ran to the field with my helmet in hand.

"Yeah coach?"

"I'm certain.." He paused and looked around, as if someone was spying on us but it was just the two of us in the middle of an empty football field.

"I'm certain that the Panthers have a mole on the inside." He whispered.

"Coach." I chuckled.

"Now don't give me no lip, son."

"Yes coach." I groaned.

"I want you to find out who it is, you got that?" I nodded, not wanting to say something that will trigger him going off on a rant.

"I trust you ." He patted my back. Either he's bat shit crazy or has some serious competition with the Panthers coach. Part of me wonders how he even got into coaching at a high school and how he's managed to keep this job.

"Looks like it's just us today coach." Dakota said as he walked towards us.

"Then that's means you'll have to work twice as hard." He blew his whistle and it rung through my ears.

"Always do." Dakota grinned and put on his helmet. I put on mine and for the most part took practice seriously.

Near the end we started goofing off, after all it was just the two of us. Coach disappeared half way through practice like always. I tend not think of what he's doing or where he is. More than likely he's making up some other conspiracy about the Panthers.

Dakota tackled me from the front and pinned me to the ground. He took off his helmet and I took off mine as I felt his weight pushing on my chest.

"Are you going to get of

or later. And you might as well give up on him, if he can resist me, he must be gay." She chuckled and walked away. I scoffed and took a swig of my drink.

"Dakota is passed out inside." Gemma said as she sat down beside me. Her dark hair was all over the place and her eye makeup was smeared. I rolled my eyes and downed the rest of my drink. Funny how he was the one that was supposed to be watching over me this time but it turned out this way.

"I'll see you around." I nodded towards her.

"Ciao." She winked at me. I chuckled to myself as I walked inside. It baffled me that she still hung around, even after I turned her down.

I thought I had Queenie all figured out from our first meeting but there's more to her than just her bitchy exterior. I won't understand why Gemma and Jane continue to be friends with her and vice versa. All I know is every time I try to stay away from her she slithers towards me, like a snake.

I walked into the living room of the house to find Dakota sprawled across it, his neck was covered with hickeys and a penis was drawn on his cheek. I chuckled but was also pissed off that he passed out on me again. And who did he hook up with this time.

I slapped his face hard on each side and shook him, taking pleasure in giving him a little pain.

"Dakota, we have to go." I said as I grabbed him by the arm. He mumbled and groaned as I helped him to his feet. I struggled to get through the crowd and out the house with him, he was putting his whole weight on me.

"You need to stop drinking protein shakes Kota." I said as we walked out, he felt like he weighed a ton.

The journey home felt endless and Dakota felt heavier than ever on my back. I was huffing and puffing feeling thankful that I made the decision not to get too shit faced at the party. I sensed it not to drink too much. The night sky was now the morning sky as we neared closer my house.

"You owe me for this." I said to him over my shoulder. Dakota stirred and mumbled in his sleep before kissing my cheek with his alcohol ridden breath.

"Now I don't."

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