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As I predicted it was an hour and half ride there, all the while I was praying my mom wouldn't find out that we were gone and I'd turn around to see her chasing after the bus. The Platz was a whole other country, well it might as well had been. I myself have lived here once and although the houses are big and the scenery is nice, the people are rude.

I'm not talking, don't even look in my direction rude, I'm talking, will judge you for not having a maid rude. We had to move on the account that our rakes were mysteriously disappearing and- reappearing into the neighbors yard. That and my mom couldn't stand being so far from Mrs.Moreau. I was surprised we didn't move back after my dad earned a promotion.

"Dakota! You made it." One of the seniors on our team came up to us just as we got inside the huge boulder of a house. The same guy from the first party we went to. I'm assuming they're friends now by some sort of party rights passage.

"Luka De Angelis, right?" He looked over at me.


"Fast legs, I'm Alex by the way." He grinned and handed us two red solo cups. I hesitantly took it from his hand, I didn't want to offend him by declining and get the shit kicked out of me but I honestly didn't feel like drinking something that reminded me of vomit.

I was cautious with the seniors, although I did have some muscle, I didn't want to get into some scuffle and get kicked off the team. Besides, half of the seniors looked like they were on steroids and the other half looked like they were old dudes pretending to be seniors, would you want to pick a fight with someone like that? Okay, maybe I was just scared.

Dakota almost immediately downed his first drink and was now onto his second.

"Easy." I said to him as we explored the house. It was a maze and had to have been ten times the size of my house but it was still packed with freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. The back yard was something else. It was a whole other world, with a giant pool, deck and hot tub. I enjoyed the pink flamingo lawn ornaments.

"I can hold my liquor." He chuckled.


"Luka! Hey!" I could hear a faint voice over the loud pop music.

I turned around to find Gemma waking towards me in a one piece bathing suit, dripping wet. I tried not to stare and focused on her eyes.

"Hey, Gemma." I smiled at her.

"Didn't expect to see you here tonight." She grinned at me.

"Yeah it was kind of last minute." I glared at Dakota who in turn grinned at me.

"Your name's Dakota right?"

"Yes ma'am. Hey I'm gonna hang out with Alex while you two catch up." He patted my back and disappeared into the crowd.

"Wait-" I mumbled.

"You should come in the pool with me, my friends want to meet you." She grabbed my hand and I wanted to immediately pull away. I looked over at Dakota and he was already all over some blondy. I rolled my eyes at the sight of them.

"Sure." I smiled at her and walked out back which was just as filled with people as it was inside. I downed the rest of my beer hoping it would calm my nerves. I hesitantly slid my shirt off and put it on a patio table, hoping no one would steal it. I'm not up for going back home shirtless.

I walked hand in hand with Gemma in the pool, her grip on me was tight so even if I wanted to pull away I couldn't. The water, to my surprise, was warm and making me wish I had a pool. I'm thankful none the less, for the house we do have. Two girls came swimming up to us, just as I was getting comfortable in a corner of the pools shallow end.

"This is Luka and Luka these are my friends, Queenie and Jane."

"Hey." I smiled. Queenie was the one that instantly caught my eye with her bright ginger hair and hot red lipstick. Everything about her was red and stood out against her pale skin.

"So you're the freshman Gemma keeps talking about." Queenie moved her freckled face closer towards me. I chuckled nervously and inched away from her.

"Shut up." Gemma mumbled.

"Aren't we all freshmen?" I asked.

"Queenie is a sophomore. DAnd a cheerleader." Gemma said it like it was something to be proud about.

"Right. I need another beer." I attempted to stand but was immediately pushed back down.

"I'll get you one." Gemma smiled and took her talons out of my shoulder. I took a deep breath fighting the urge to tail it. I half smiled at the two girls, unsure of what to say.

"Freshman, huh. That's kind of hot." Queenie said with a grin.

"Queenie can you not. He's obviously not interested and you know Gemma likes him." Jane said as she glared at her through her glasses. Queenie only rolled her eyes.

"Here." Gemma came over with a beer and a shot.

"You're not nearly as drunk as you should be so I brought you a little extra." She winked at me.

"Thanks." I ignored the wink and necked the shot, chasing it with the beer, the familiar burning sensation followed. I coughed and tried my best not to hurl in the obvious expensive pool I was in.

As the night progressed

, the giant platoon of people diminished and only a few were left. Gemma didn't leave my side the whole night and even though it was a nuisance, it was nice hanging out with some one else for a change.

I sat down out back on the patio set with what had to have been my seventh beer, the drinks were going down like water now. There was hardly any sight of Dakota and when I did see him he was sucking face with a different girl each time.

"Come upstairs." Gemma slurred, for what to have been the thousandth time, every time I said no. She was wasted, more than I. And even though my head was spinning, I still knew that I didn't want to sleep with anyone at this party.

"No." I chuckled and took another shot.

"Please?" She sat on my lap, still in her one piece. I shook my head and grinned.

She ran a hand through my hair and moved her face to mine, kissing my cheek.

"Friends only." I slurred.

"Luka, we have to go!" Dakota came staggering out from the house without a shirt and smeared lipstick across his face.

"What the hell? Who the hell is this?" He came walking, if that's what you'd call it, towards us.

"My name is Gemma, we met earlier?"

"Right Gemma, well if you could get your skank ass off of my best friend that would be great."

"What?" She glared at him. I moved Gemma off of me and walked up to Dakota, shoving his chest.

"She's not a skank. What about those girls you were with, huh?" I hoped my voice was as intimidating as I thought it was.

"Screw you!" Dakota swung his fist at me and hit my square in the face. I fell back and landed on my ass. Gemma screamed and ran towards me. The little group of people there stared, but I doubt they had a grip on what was going on.

"I'm fine." I moved her hands away and stood up on my own. I had so much adrenaline that I could barely feel the hit I just took.

"Ya'll need to leave. No fighting, house rules." Alex said as he came out back.

"Whatever." I shoved my way past Dakota and walked out the back gate. It wasn't my idea to come to this party and I should've known Dakota would end up doing something stupid. He probably ended up with some chick who had a boyfriend. Why is he off the hook for making out with half the girls here, while Gemma had only kissed my cheek. How is that fair, and why did he get so mad. I'm just his babysitter, that's it. If I don't devote my life to him, I'm in the wrong. Never him, never the golden boy.

I didn't know what the time was or even where I was, I just knew I wanted to get out of this neighborhood. I continued walking down the empty street, I already knew I wasn't walking straight. I'm surprised I didn't pass out at the party. Gemma was shoving drinks in my face the whole night.

"Luka! Wait!" I could hear Dakota yelling behind me and the sound of bicycle tires getting closer.

"Need a ride?" I turned around to find him on a hot pink bike with pegs on the back of it. I chuckled.

"We're going to bike all the way home?"

"Why not, it's a beautiful night."

I grinned and hopped on. I enjoyed the ride there, resting my head against Dakotas still shirtless back and feeling the light breeze against my skin. It was quiet and beautiful. It felt like a ghost town with just the two of us there. I closed my eyes, maybe it's because I'm drunk. I chuckled to myself.

The sky was changing into a blue haze as we arrived at my house. Dakota left the bicycle behind my dads shed where I knew he wouldn't look.

We did the usual routine of climbing into my room through the window with as little sound as possible. Dakota fell on the floor, misplacing his feet as he got in. I chuckled and climbed in after him.

"Sorry for punching you in the face. I drank too much." Dakota said as we lay in my bed, once again not bothering to take out the extra bed for him. Just like that night.

"Me too."

"At least this time I didn't pass out." He chuckled. I closed my eyes, ignoring the fact that my room was spinning.

"I-I remember." Dakota said after what I thought was a finished conversation.

"Remember what?" I asked when I already knew the answer. A little bit of me hoped maybe it might be something else.

"That night, we kissed." He said barely even making a sound, as if my parents would hear from all the way upstairs. I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out. What am I supposed to say?

Dakota turned on his side to face me, the smeared lipstick was still on him. He reached out towards me and gently touched my bottom lip with his index finger.

"We're best friends remember?" I said as he cupped my face. His hazel eyes were gazing into me and it's like I was seeing him for the first time. Truly seeing him as someone else who wasn't my best friend and it sent tingles through out me. His gaze stayed fixed on me, probably wanting me to say something or do something.

But I didn't say anything. I only pecked his cheek and turned over, not feeling up to having this conversation while intoxicated.

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