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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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My head pounded as I got up off the floor of the bathroom. The first thing I smelled was vomit and it made me feel nauseated in an instant. What happened last night? I rubbed my temples and groaned in agony. I'm never drinking again.

My mouth was dryer than a desert and demanded water. I clutched onto the toilet seat and used it as a crutch to stand up. My headache only got worse as I did so. I turned on the faucet, filling my hands with water. I splashed my face, hoping it would take away the ickiness that I felt. I looked up at myself in the mirror.

Hickeys? Why do I have..

Flashbacks of lastnight replayed in my mind. Dakota's lips on mine and my hands were all over him. No, we didn't. I looked back at the hickeys again. No, these had to have been made by some girl at the party last night. I remember making out with someone one there.

I ran a hand across my face and groaned, realizing what had almost happened. I almost slept with my best friend last night, who is more than likely still in my bed, passed out.

I turned around and looked at the door handle, as if opening it would end my life. Maybe if I can climb out the window, I can wait for him to leave.

Well I can't exactly stay in the bathroom all day and after all this is my house. I might as well face the music. He won't remember a thing. When does Dakota ever remember anything. Never that's when.

I turned the handle barely making a sound. I cracked it open a bit, peeking one eye through.

Dakota laid sprawled out on my bed shirtless with the blankets on the floor and my pillows mysteriously at the bottom of the bed. I groaned internally, at least he's still sleeping and I don't have to deal with it quite yet. Why did I do that last night? Because I didn't listen to my sober self and let my drunk self take over. Right. Curse you drunk self.

I've known Dakota almost my whole life. And now I've fucked it up. Hell, he was the one kissed me first. So if this frie

ndship ends, it's his fault.

I crept across the bedroom towards my dresser, trying not to make a sound loud enough to wake him. I grabbed some clothes and a towel and walked back to the bathroom as quietly as possible.

I turned on the water letting it hit my face. I lathered up, still thinking back to last night. Why couldn't I have been so piss drunk that I forgot everything.

"Luka! Hurry up. I'm gonna be sick." I could hear Dakota yelling and banging on the door. I turned off the taps and quickly grabbed my towel wrapping it around my waist. Will he remember? Please, don't remember.

I hesitantly grabbed the door knob and Dakota flew right by me, throwing himself at the toilet. The sound of his barfing was nauseating. I grabbed my clothes and opted to change in my room instead of listening to him hurl.

"Sorry, but I didn't want to throw up in your bed." Dakota walked past me as I was sliding on a shirt.

"Yeah.. no problem." I stared at him for a while, waiting for him to say something, anything regarding last night. Oddly enough, part of me wanted him to remember, the other part wanted to forget.

"Crazy party last night. I could tell you had a good time." He motioned towards my love bites. I forced a chuckle, hoping it sounded at the very least somewhat normal. Does he not remember anything from last night?

"Yeah, I had to carry your drunk ass here." I shoved his head and sat on my computer chair continuing to stare at him. Waiting and wondering if that will refresh his memory.

"Really? I must've blacked out pretty hard." He rubbed his eyes and yawned. My heart dropped in both thankfulness and disappointment. I chuckled to myself. Of course he doesn't remember.

It's better if I keep quiet about it. If he doesn't remember, then he doesn't remember which is a good thing. And I for one want to forget that night. Why ruin a friendship over one drunken mistake?

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