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   Chapter 32 Epilogue

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7 Month Later

I looked at myself in the mirror one last time. The royal blue dress that was especially made for me fitted my skin so perfectly. My lips that were tainted with dark lip color made my eyes pop out. The jewelry that alone was worth some millions made me look like a princess. Indeed I was a princess. His princess and he have spoil me rotten with the expensive gifts. I looked behind me to see my Boyfriend working on his tablet and huffed like a child. He have been acting strange since some days. "Won't you help me with my hairs " I rolled my eyes at him and tapped my silver heels on the floor impatiently. I was 3 month pregnant so the mood swings were a common thing. "I am sorry princess " he smiled cheekily at me and helped me with my hairs. "Love you handsome " I kissed him on his lips as he dropped me off at Serra house. I was helping her with babysitting her 2 adorable twin daughters and when Roman will return we will be going to the park and after that to the club.

"Hey I forget to tell you something I am sorry I won't be able to make it tonight. Emergency at the hospital princess " He apologize to me. I was angry at him and I stomped in the house. "Problems with my stupid brother ?" Roman asked me to which I nodded. " Don't worry I am totally kicking ass for you "He tried to cheer me up. "You aren't kicking anyone and behave the girls might hear you " Serra scolded him and he lowered his head like a frightened child. I have to bite my lips to stop myself from laughing out loud. " Okay my queen I have to go now " he kissed Serra and then he was leaving too.

Just then Chang and Stacy entered the room fighting over who was the best driver. Seriously these two never stop arguing. Stacy and Cha

princess " he greeted me with a kiss and then turned to my bulging stomach. "Are you tired ?" I asked him but he smiled warmly at me "Not anymore when I am with my family. Come on lets feed you something " he picked me up bridal style as I shrieked and demanded to be put down. He carried me to the kitchen and started cooking for me. To be honest he never let me cook even though I know a little bit cooking now because he says he love to cook for me.

"Daddy Can I help you? " Liam asked Holden as he entered the kitchen. He helped his dad with with fixing the food as I sat there looking at my boys with love, adoration and pride. After Holden fed me with his food he turned to Liam

"Do you want to go to Aunt Serra House? "

" Yes daddy. Thank you Thank you " Liam hugged Holden and kissed him then he kissed me too and was running to his room to get ready.

"Its Thalia and Lillian birthday. Serra invited us over. Do you want to go ?"

I nodded and he kissed my forehead. " Lets get you ready princess ". I kissed him and he smiled. Indeed I was the luckiest women alive to have him in my life.

" I love you "

"I love you too princess "

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