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   Chapter 31 Dropping the curtains (Part II)

The Doctor's Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 13583

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Anna pov :

There he stood with an arrogant smirk on his face. I shuddered in disgust & fear. He still have that effect in me no matter how much I try to break out of that chains. I opened the door of my car and stepped out. I sent a quick prayer to God for mine & Holden's safety. I was guilty for the deep shit he was into right now. Although I knew he would beg to differ. Maybe just maybe that day I never went to him for help. But think about it you won't have experienced love and known the true feelings of being taken care of. A voice whispered to me as much as I agree but I can't forget I was the one who involved him in this. I don't know how he was? I don't know if he was alive? My head was throbbing due to all the questions circulating .Tears pricked my eyes and my wind pipe was contracting. I took a deep breath and entered the building. My hands balled into fist. Anger and hater coursing through my veins. If something happened to Holden I will kill Mike. Mike men looked at me with amusement. Many of them passed me victorious smiles but I didn't care. "I came to see Mike " I stated. He gave me lustful gaze from head to toe. Making me shudder in disgust but I faced him with poker face.

He opened the large door and mentioned me inside with his hand I took a deep breath and calmly entered the building although I was dying from inside. I followed him through large corridors one after another. Finally a stair case that lead to a door that was all white. He tapped on the door thrice ."Come in" Mike ear splitting voice came. The guy gave me a lop sided smile trying to gauge out a reaction from me but I didn't react. Only followed him inside the room. There the monster sat on the plush sofa with glass of red wine in his hand. He looked at me with so much intensity it was disturbing. " Sit down flower " he commanded me but I stood my ground ."You know why am I here? I stated the fact confidently. He chuckled not a sweet chuckle that marked your warm ton your toes but an almost crazy one that makes your hairs stand on their ends. It was sickening laugh from a physco.

" Flower I think I didn't hear you .can you repeat what you said ?" He was taunting me as he placed his hand on his ear. I grunted my teeth in annoyance and crossed my arms on my chest to stop them from shaking. I truly have a bad feeling about this. "I Want to See Holden " I emphasize on every words for his better understanding since he was incapable of doing so. "What did you say? " He roared at me angrily. I stepped back as he came charging at me. He grabbed my arm in iron grip of his and brought me closer. I tried to fight his hold that was burning me. Next thing I knew he pulled me to him and captured my lips in his. Forcefully kissing me as I struggled. I whimpered in pain as he bite on my lips drawing blood from them. When he let me go I was pushed on the floor. Landing on my arms and legs. " Never ever say the name of that filthy doctor. You understand bitch " he grabbed me from my hairs harshly and made me face him. He was truly crazy and right now with his dark eyes he looked demonic.

Then he pushed me to the desk and I hit the desk hard not forgetting head first. The impact was so much that I lost my consciousness. I watched with blurry eyes as he stood on top of me with an evil smile. I tried to fight to let my eyes stay open but every struggle was life time struggle until I fall out of consciousness. " Holden " I whispered as sleep consumed me.

I aimlessly reached for the things around me. My eyes weren't open yet. I opened my eyes slowly to see myself in the same room I have seen in my dream. My eyes widened and I tried to get up but the fatigue was so much. I struggled and finally was up on my body upper half. I looked around and then my eyes landed on him. A tear rolled down my eye as I saw him in this state. I crawled to him although it wasn't easy. "Holden I shake him softly yet he didn't move only his fingers did that was a huge relief knowing he was alive. " Holden please get up I need you " I told him as I p

" I will never forgive you. I'll make sure you feel that pain and fear I went through. "

"This is for letting your friends rape me " I shoot him on his shoulder. He staggered back and screamed in pain.

"This is for blackmailing me " I shoot him on his other leg. And he was on the floor as he cried in pain like an animal.

" Take this for your involvement in my dad's murder " I shot him on his hand.

"This is for destroying my life and abusing me " I shot him on his chest but not his heart I wanted him alive for a little while.

"This is for killing my baby " and I shot him right between his eyes. I fall down on the floor clutching my stomach. Memories of my forceful abortion still vivid in my head. Serra rushed to me and engulfed me in a hug as I cried and let the pain out. We all rushed Holden to the hospital.

" So is it true you were pregnant? " Roman asked me as we sat on the bench as Holden was being treated by doctors. "Yes as the consequences of rape indeed I was but when that bastard came to know of it he forcefully aborted my baby. " Roman and Serra hugged me tightly as I cried. But I knew one thing Mike was gone and we all were safe. Now no one could hurt me I could live in peace.

" You can see the patient now Miss Anna. He asked for you specifically." I stood up from my seat.

" But I wanted to go first " Roman pouted like a child. "Remember what I told you Ladies first " Serra grabbed his ears as he asked her for mercy. I was so happy for these two. Indeed Serra was lucky Roman lived her.

"Hey beautiful " he smiled at me as I neared his bed.

"Hey handsome " I beemed at him and he chuckled. Then he pulled me by my waist I landed on his hard chest making my eyes go widen. " Holden someone will come inside. Let me go " I told him as I blushed like crazy. I was practically lying on him. "So let it be can't I show my love to my girlfriend "

"Your girlfriend " I frowned at him.

" Yes you " he smirked at my bewildered expressions.

" Miss Anna I know I am very handsome I am very hot and you love me so will you kindly be my girlfriend ".

"No " I smirked and his eyes widened like a child and he pouted.

" That isn't a proper proposal "

" What do you need Chocolates, cakes, my hand made food, flowers, teddy bears " he was babbling now.

"Nothing but just for you to get well soon " I told him honestly. His eyes softened and he kissed my forehead.

" Yes to answer your question I want to be your girlfriend forever and always because I love you "

"I love you too " he told me and before he could kiss him " I love you too hottie " Chang voice rang from behind us and there all his friends stood with smile on their faces.

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