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   Chapter 31 Dropping the curtains

The Doctor's Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 3474

Updated: 2017-12-22 07:22

Holden knight Pov :

The pain coursed through my body setting it on fire. The knife still sticking from my back. I laid face first on the hard floor. My blood pooled around me and turned me all crimson. I hissed in pain and reached for the knife with my trembling hands. I have to bite my lips to stop myself from screaming out loud. The bastard & his bitches watched me struggling with amusement in their eyes. One even dared to kick my hand that reached for the knife. "Look at the poor guy .Do you need help Do you ?" Mike taunted me as he bent over to my vision. He kicked me hard on my ribs. I finally was able to get rid of the knife. Pulling on it with all my strength. My scream of agony made them all laugh at my masculinity as if it effected me. Every one knows who is the real man here.

"What happened Doctor? Won't you fight? Get up and fight like a true man " Mike taunted me as he circled my body. I banged my bleeding fist hard on the ground. I won't leave him today. I would eliminate his existence from the face of ea

r love trapped her made her weak. She is ready to offer herself to me in exchange for you. I can't wait to see her Can you? " He winked at me and smirked.

" You bastard !Touch her and I will kill you ." I screamed at him as his men held me on the floor. "Leave her out of this " I was screaming now like a mad man if something happened to her I won't survive. Mike have scooped so low used me as a bait to get to her. "Enjoy Doctor! Me and my flower will be seeing you again very very soon" with that he left me alone as I struggled against his army of men hold.

" GOOD NIGHT DOCTOR SLEEP TIGHT "with that I was hit on the head with something hard and I fell on the floor unconscious.

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