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   Chapter 29 Coming to the End

The Doctor's Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 2201

Updated: 2017-12-22 07:20

Holden pov :

" Princess I will be back home soon ".

" Okay " I told him as I sat on the couch reading 40 rules of love. He kissed my forehead then grabbed his jacket that rested on my legs and he was gone. I have bad feeling about this. Since morning I have this strange notion something bad very bad is going to happen. Maybe it was the nightmare and incident at the bar that made me paranoid. I couldn't focus on the book. Nothing looked good, nothing felt right. I closed my book and then went to kitchen. A cake rested on the counter. I beamed like a child I was obsessed with sweets and Holden knew this.

I moaned in satisfaction as I ate the cak

tting two and two together I knew what he meant. My eyes widened, tears spilled from my eyes.

"Please Mike I would do anything Please. Just don't do anything to him. Please he has done nothing - leave him out of this, its between you and me. "

"Fine! If you want to save him so badly come to the place where I ask you to and If you tell anyone anything Holden won't be seeing you ever again. "

"I am coming " I told him firmly.

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