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   Chapter 28 Nightmares (Part II)

The Doctor's Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 4882

Updated: 2017-12-22 07:17

Anna pov :

" Get out " Holden shouted at his man as he was Shielding Anna body from their gaze. He ordered Malik to bring a sheet and Malik obligated. He turned to her. His fist were shaking in anger at what they have done to her. He took off his jacket and covered her with it. His eyes never left her face. Her eyes were closed yet he could see traces of tears on her eye lashes. Million thoughts racing through his brain. Million ways to take revenge. Malik brought a big white sheet and after giving it he left. Holden covered her with the sheet. Careful with the injuries on her. He carried her bridal style to his SUV.

At home he laid her on his bed and told Celia to bring the medicines and all the other necessity. He ordered Malik to bring in machines that would be attached to her. His poor house keeper who was like mother to him helped him in bathing Anna and changed her dress into a tee shirt and trousers. " poor girl! " the older women heart cried for the young innocent girl.

"She might have struggled a lot. She would have been in pain. " She told Holden as she helped him to lay her in bed. She looked at the sleeping girl one last time as she left the room. The marks kn her body told her what the girl went through.

He applied medicines to her and after checking on her left her room to attend an important call.

"I'll kill that bastard. Make him pay for his sins. " He told his brother firmly who agreed to assist him. Both the

jug besides her bed. She couldn't sleep in this room she was scared out of her wits. She went to Holden room and pushed on the door. Thankfully it was open. She took slow cautious steps and entered his room. That was dark except for little light from table limp that illuminated the room. "Holden " she softly whispered to him as she sat besides his sleeping figure. He opened his eyes and faced her. "I can't sleep I had a nightmare. " He signaled for her to join him on bed she laid down besides him. He pulled the silk comforters on both of them. Pulled her closer and smiled as she shrieked in surprise. She wrapped her arms around his torso and put her head on his chest. She went to sleep while Holden stayed awake. Looking at the girl in his bed with love and adoration. He kissed her head, cheeks and nose multiple times as she would wrap her arms more securely around him. Indeed this is how love looks like. To show the other person love when they don't know it.

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