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   Chapter 27 The Club

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Anna pov :

" What to wear ?" She went through racks & racks of dresses but disappointment was evident on her face. There were so many good dresses that Finding the perfect dress wasn't easy. She wished Katherine was there to help her but lately Katherine met with an accident and bed ridden. If her day could get any worst she has no idea if she should go to the club with Stacy and others to celebrate their graduation. She never went to a club it increased her anxiety to know she was going to such a crowded place but Stacy insisted that 'dragon ' (imaginary name ) was the hottest and most trending club in the town. All her friends wanted to see her they have threatened her that they will drag her to the club if she refused to come.

"Maybe I should ask Holden he can give me a hint " she mumbled to herself and then leaving the task in hand incomplete she stomped to his office. She was pissed off at him too he has been avoiding her like a plague lately. Not waiting for his reply she entered his office. He raised his eyes from his files and raised his eyebrows at a clearly very frustrated Anna. "How can I help you princess? " he asked her smiling at her his dimples visible to her. She huffed like a child then sat down on a seat besides him. Peeking into his files. He grinned at her childish behavior he knew she thought he was ignoring her but the reason was that he wanted to be out of the way of the innocent kitten as she threw her tantrums. Never has he imagined that Anna has this childish side too. It made him smile to see she was opening to him now. It was indeed a progress in their relationship. Her confession had made him so happy and more possessive of the love of his life. He turned her chair that was facing away from him. She was sulking, huffing and puffing in her seat. "What happened are you hungry I'll make you something to eat ". She shakes her head in denial. Her gaze frozen on her fibbing fingers. He stroked her cheeks lovingly "Princess if you won't speak how will I know what you want ".


op of her head

" Thank you " she told him as she got out of the car with his help and headed to the entrance of the club. The bouncers let her in without a word when they saw she was with him. She started his car and drove but looking at her side he found her phone on the floor of the car. He turned his car and headed to the club he knew she will be needing it.

Anna pov :

Me and the girls were having so much fun until a drunk guy threw his drink on my dress. It was drenched now I excused myself and headed to the washroom. When I returned I saw my friends were no where in sign but some one got my attention a guy who was standing in a cloak his face was hidden due to the cap he was wearing. He was intentionally hiding his face I was sure of it. When his eyes met hers he started moving towards her. She was freaking out by now. The guy was after her she stepped back as he stalked towards her she turned around and before she could leave familiar arms wrapped around her. Her eyes widened as she looked at Holden. His features were hard and his eyes emotion less. He was glaring at the man behind her challenging him but the man left them alone. "Come " he said taking her to his car. Mike watched from afar his perfect plan to get Anna was ruined but he won't stop until he have her.

"Soon flower " he smiled that sinister smile of his.

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