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   Chapter 26 Getting His love back

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Updated: 2017-12-22 06:40

Anna pov :

"Miss Anna Sir asked for your presence " Malik informed her as she was going through some files. She nodded and followed him to the second floor of the mansion. There he stood on the balcony with his back facing her. She signaled for Malik to leave them alone who did a quick bow and then left. It was just the two of them right now. Where on certain Occasions having him alone with her has been a good thing now it was suffocating. She couldn't wait to get out of here. He stood with a glass on whiskey in one hand and the other tightly clenched in his pocket. His eyes scanning the vast forest below him. He didn't try to meet her eyes ones afraid she will read him. She always did like a book. "Let me tell you a story. Since that is what we have been doing since from the start " his tone was very cold and even without any ounce of emotions in them and for Anna seemed to ask herself if this Holden was really the sweet next door type guy that she knew.

He didn't wait for her to add her words or nod at him. " i was a 10 year old. A boy who was raised to take care of what others wanted rather then whaf I wanted. Sacrificing was something in my blood. So I was 10 and Roman was 7 we went to the toy store I wanted the car I was saving for. But Roman wanted it too he cried and begged me and I brought him my favorite toy with the money I saved. You know what happened just in 2 days he broke it and moved on with a new toy. But I cried for one month without letting everyone know. It hurts to give away something you desire it hurts like hell to let go of things you love but that what we are supposed to do. If my sacrifice can make someone happy or someone safe I am sorry but I am ready to make it happen. " It was drawn on her what he was speaking about what message he was trying to convey. She looked at him with a hint of betrayal in her eyes. She couldn't keep herself from falling she hit the floor with a thud. He moved forward to hoist her up but she flinched and backed away.

Tears clouded her vision. She was disappointed, angry but fear dominated the feelings. She couldn't bring herself to hate him he have done enough for her and she won't be able to repay him. "Thank you Mr Knight I appreciate your help its about time I leave. " she stood up to leave for her room no his mother room. But he stopped her by gently grabbing on her forearm. "Malik will take you some where. I told him and you are going to stay with him from now onward. "She simply nodded like a robot now able to form words. She knew she would start sobbing if she did .Holden Knight just let her go and it disappointed her maybe she has expected too much from him. Without retrieving any of her files she just went straight to her car because it was hard for her to stay for another second, she felt as if she was suffocating and his presence no suffocated her. Malik gave her a concerned look she tried to beam at him to insure l him she was okay but she failed and tears streamed down her face. She begged him silently to let her enter the car and he e opened the door for her just before she could leave. "Miss Garcia " Celia came to her and hugged her tightly. She was slightly shaking that confirmed she was crying. Celia heart ached for Anna.

In little time Anna lived with her boss she started admiring her. Anna was so kind and gentle Celia has never seen someone so down to earth and loving like her. She prayed that her Boss stop Anna from leaving because he was losing something so precious. No one could love him as much as Anna did. She has seen love for Holden in Anna's eyes which made her question herself that how can a guy be that stupid not to see so much love for himself in someones eye. She also knew her boss loved Anna and he never wanted to let her go yet he was forcing himself to separate himself from her. She just prayed both of them tell each other what they actually felt for each other before it was too late. Celia gave this look to Malik to take care o

sight. But here you were leaving her all alone for the monster as you have fun with your girlfriend. "

"Chill dude! She is your women not mine so it was your job to keep her safe. But looks like you forget the fact. What happened today none of this was my fault. " Aaron calmly said as be removed Holden's grip from his colar. Holden lunged for him but a whimper from her stopped both men on their track .They were frozen on their positions careful not to wake her up. They watched as she moved in her sleep and moaned in annoyance ."I will have long hours of talking with you later ." Holden hissed at him under his breath and then after retrieving a cover fr